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"Gosh, I had a wonderful time last night! You are not only a guide but also a scholar, a world traveler and a wise man!"

Sophie (Cina / USA)

The Fun of
Rome Photo Fun Tours

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The No Heat, No Crowds Tour is the perfect way to capture Rome’s beauty and take it home with you! Giulio’s tour not only provided an awesome opportunity to capture the sights without the heat or the crowds, but he willingly shared valuable photography tips with me, to ensure my nighttime shots were perfect. Aside from the fact that we had so much in common, Giulio is very kind and accommodating! Though six hours in the middle of the night may sound like a lot of time, I found that we used every second of it set up for the perfect shot, taking it and moving along to the next sight. In addition to Giulio’s photography expertise, he is a wealth of Roman history knowledge. He did a fantastic job of explaining the history and significance of each of the sites we visited. I found the tour extremely valuable and my photos are gorgeous! I look forward to taking the tour again the next time I’m in the Eternal City!! If you’re on the fence about taking the shorter version of this tour or going with a longer one, definitely take the longer tour. It was well worth the time and expense and knowledge gained! I highly recommend Giulio’s tour!


Sandra (USA)

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From the beginning when I first contacted Giulio by email, he was so helpful and responsive to my questions regarding the tour I immediately knew I wanted to take his tour. I actually scheduled both a day class and a night class with Giulio and they were both wonderful! I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about committing to two separate private tours with someone I had never met, but I was so pleased with both my tours with him and not in the least disappointed! What can I say? Giulio was just amazing! His knowledge of Rome was incredible and it was such a joy to walk the city with him. I learned so much about Rome and photography on this tour with Giulio. Also, whatever your level of photography He knows where to get the best shots, but he also teaches you how to learn to frame shots and improve your photography. Every picture I took the remaining of my trip in Rome and in Paris, I could hear Giulio’s voice in my ear guiding me along on how to get the best shot and angle. He is such a professional, yet also so kind and friendly and as others have mentioned so humble. Even though he is such an experienced professional, he is so easy to talk with and I felt like I was with an old acquaintance. I truly enjoyed the hours I spent with him. If you are considering a tour with Giulio, don’t hesitate. Book the tour. You will not regret the time you spend with him! When I return to Rome, I will definitely book another tour with him.

Noma (USA)

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Having just returned from our European trip of a lifetime, we were just recounting the many highlights of our overseas experience. Right at the TOP was Giulio D’Ercole. Prior to our trip we researched and ultimately booked Giulio as our private Guide to Rome and Nighttime photography. As an advanced photographer my wife was not only in awe of Giulio’s intricate knowledge of photography, but more so his overall approach to a photo and his philosophy behind it! Couple that with an unmatched knowledge of Italian history, unbelievable charm, and a so inviting and comfortable disposition—and you have an unforgettable time, in an unforgettable place with an unforgettable professional. Thank you so much, Giulio! We will always remember you through these miraculous photos.


Stacey and Joe (USA)

Rome Photo Fun Tours

I did a combined night and morning tour with Rome Photo Fun Tours, so that I could get photos without the crowds. It worked! Giulio is a multi-talented guide. First, he organized a great tour including some of the city's most iconic sites as well as some spots I wouldn't have found on my own. Second, he is a skilled photographer and provided excellent tips on composition and camera settings. And, he shared fascinating information about the places we visited. Overall, it was a fun and fantastic photo experience!

Cindy (Canada)

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Giulio goes the extra mile to fulfill all the wishes one may have on this tour and knows the right spots. The tour is very entertaining and the time flies. The balance between the explanations about history and teaching more in-depth knowledge about how to take the best pictures is perfect. You will not regret getting up very early in the morning to experience this stunning tour.

Christine and Thomas (Germany)

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