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Tuscany is that very Italian Region that has no need for introductions, explanations, or advertising: its historical cities and breathtaking landscapes are already gently engraved in everybody’s mind.

In fact, as one of the main stops of the famous “Grand Tour”, Tuscany has shaped individuals’ understanding of Art, and the worldwide ideal of beauty.

Being universally recognized as the cradle of Renaissance Art, Beauty, gentle nature, and wonderfully soothing countryside sceneries, Tuscany has been for centuries the destination of millions of tourists, intellectuals, and artists that found in its rejuvenating serene atmosphere new inspiration.


Not a coincidence that box office and Academy Award-winning romantic movies such as Room with a View, Under the Tuscany Sun, The English Patient, Gladiator, New Moon, and Life is Beautiful have been shot there, filming its soft rolling hills, medieval cities, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Needless to say, then, that Tuscany is every photographer’s dream tour destination. A destination, though, that like the excellent wine and food that its countryside offers, deserves to be savored calmly, among just a few friends, for truly tasting and capturing its very essence, colors, and nuances.

My fully immersive, exclusively private photo fun tours offer beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike the opportunity to learn, exercise, and fine-tune their skills in landscape, urban, nature, art, and even street photography genres.

So, choose a date, or propose one for just yourself or with your friends and come with me to photograph the most iconic locations and the hidden gems of Tuscany.


As the city will slowly wake up to begin its vibrant life, I will take you from Saint Peter’s square to Pantheon, from the extraordinary Campidoglio (our Capitol Hill) towards the most visited monument in the world: the Colosseum!

All to be nicely captured by your camera lenses. And don’t forget! Along the walk I’ll take you to sip the best coffee of the city and have the typical Roman breakfast.

Capturing Fall and Winter colors on the Tiber along a Rome by day beauty and history photo tour. Photo by Giulio D’Ercole, Rome photo fun tours.

But if you prefer to take your photography workshop when Romans are speeding on their scooters and cars, and tourists are roaming around, or, let’s be honest, you simply want to rest in bed and have a slow morning, we can always meet later at you preferred time. Then sunlight might be a bit sharper, but Roman beauties have been patiently there for so many centuries, I am sure they will understand your relaxed mood.

In any case, which ever tour you will take I will always make you experiencing an amazing journey filled by shadows and lights, small perfect details and wonderful buildings, through our fascinating itinerary. And if you'll get hungry along the way, allow me to take you to a simple but excellent small restaurant, where you will have the opportunity to taste the real Roman cuisine.

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