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Rome, Churches, Angels and Art Photo Tour

Domes, angels, frescos, amazing paintings, breathtaking naves, Rome is not made only of ancient ruins, gorgeous squares and charming streets. Book this Rome Photo Fun Tour to capture all the beauty of Baroque churches and the amazing art and masterpieces inside them. This tour is in fact designed to take you to at least five amazing churches where you will learn how to take memorable photos of authentic masterworks of Renaissance and Baroque artists.

Light in St. Ignatius Church close to the Pantheon. Rome, churches, angels and art. Photo by Giulio D’Ercole. Rome Photo Fun Tours

Walk with me in history and time and let's visit those outstanding architectural marvels beautified by masterpieces from Caravaggio, Domenichino, Perugino, Bernini, Michelangelo, Canova, and with frescos to take your breath away.

Please note that booking  this tour will not prevent you from taking some photos of other gorgeous places, that we will have to pass by anyway; it simply means that the center focus of the day will be on indoor shooting. Therefore, wide angle, long lenses and 50 mm lenses (with a 1.4- 1.8 F stop), are strongly recommended. If you intend to use a tripod, please communicate it to me few weeks in advance, since a special permit is required for its use inside these religious places of worship. 

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