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Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Additional Information

  • Tours Rome Photo Fun Tours offers:


  1. Rome by Day, Beauty and History Photo Tour

  2. Rome by Day, Street Photography Tour

  3. Villa Borghese and Posh Areas Photo Tour

  4. Churches, Angels and Art Photo Tour

  5. Food Photography and Cooking Classes (1.4 F stop and macro lens are needed)

  6. Photo-shooting Your Roman Holidays

  7. Rome by Night, Magical Photo Tour 

  8. Your Tailored made Photo Tour

  9. Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este Photo Tour


  • What's your Clients opinion of your tours?


Both the tours and workshops given by Rome Photo Fun Tours and the tours previously provided by Giulio as he was free lancing for a different company have always been highly appreciated by all clients. Their words of appreciation that involve the quality of customer care, professionalism as photography guidance, completeness of itinerary, friendliness and willingness of fulfilling expectations, are clearly and generously stated in their comments, visible both on the site page "Reviews", and on Trip Advisor .

  • The Tours schedules:

All our tours last four hours. The starting time will vary according to the time of the year and based on clients’ needs and wishes. They can be easily arranged either via email or using the calendar on the website. FYI though, my favorite hours, as a professional photographer are:


  1. Day Time, one hour before sunrise (to see places when the city is still asleep)

  2. Night Time, at around 10 pm (to take amazing shots of monuments wrapped in the charming and mysterious nocturnal lights).

  3. Street photography tour, from 8 am to 12 pm or from 2 pm and from pm to 6 pm, when street life is more vibrant.

  4. Your Own Photo shoot. It take either half or a full day.

  5. The Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este Photo tour starts at 6:30 am and it is a full day tour and workshop.

  • Language:

The tours are normally conducted in English, but I also speak French, I do understand Spanish and I am a native Italian speaker.


  • Meeting place:

The meeting point will be either at Castel Sant’Angelo, Pantheon, Colosseum, Trastevere, Santa Maria Maggiore, Piazzale Flaminio, according to the tour chosen.  meeting place Alternatively the meeting point can be arranged according to the clients’ needs.


  • Photo equipment:

You can participate in the tour with any kind of equipment you have. Ideally you should have a digital camera, a spare battery, one memory card by 32 GB and a second card as back up one wide lens ranging from 18 or 24mm to 70mm or 85 mm, and a zoom lens from 70mm to 200mm. Always make sure to have your lenses well cleaned before starting the tour. It would also be good if you could bring along a small kit to clean them, with a microfiber clothe, in case they get wet or dusty as we do the tour. Make also sure to have the camera sensor well clean before the tour. It would be wonderful if you also had either a 35mm or a 50 mm with low F stop (1.4 to 2.8). For night tours you should have a good tripod. If you don’t have it, I will avail mine.


  • Dress code:  

Comfy and casual. Shoes must be extra comfortable. During late spring and summer the temperature can be truly hot, from 28 up to 35 Celsius, so you should wear light clothes, a nice hat, bring sun protection cream, and a water bottle to be refilled with the wonderfully tasting fresh water pouring out of the Roman drinking fountains, called “nasoni”.

  • Age range of clients:

 Anybody from 18 to 80 years old, in medium good shape, able to walk long distances even at a slow pace. Don’t worry, we will not be running a marathon, rather take our time to take good shots and learn the technique. For those who cannot walk 4 hours, I can also plan shorter tours. Minors can participate only if accompanied by their parents or tutors holding their legal responsibility.


  • Insurance and liability:

Rome is well known for many things, one is the way Romans drive both scooters and cars, the other one is the cobblestones of the streets downtown, another one is the “pickpocketers” or snatchers (much less frequent nowadays, unless you are in the metro or in buses , which we won’t take).Besides those main things, let’s be honest anything can happen during a tour, even the camera could accidentally fall or slide off your shoulder. Rome Photo Fun Tours does not cover these accidents, therefor we are not liable for any damage or loss that might occur, hence you should hold an insurance fully covering yourself, the people taking the tour with you if minors or under your responsibility, and your gear. When you will contact me  to book a tour, I will send you a clear liability release document to be signed in order to avoid any potentia litigation in case of accidents during the tour(s).


  • Manners:

Monuments and statues usually don’t get offended or get hostile when you take photos of them, nor they have to sign a release for you to takea shot of them…. but some people might. It is always a good policy to be kind, open and discreet when taking photos of people, especially during the street photography tour. Romans see millions of tourists every year, and we are quite used to photographers trying to portrait our colorful way of being, so we are pretty easy going with it, still my suggestion would be use some tact, while in some places like markets or small artisans’ shops it is always good policy to ask for permission before shooting. Good manners and respect are also a must when taking photos in churches, and it is good to know that normally, it is not allowed to take photos during mass, while is always forbidden to use the flash both in churches and museums.


  • Rome Photo Fun Tours' customer service and public relations: 

I do care about my clients' satisfaction. My main goal is always to make them happy and 100% satisfied of the tour they have taken with me. This is why I always appreciate their feedback and the sharing of their honest opinions. Those are the most valuable tools I have to improve the quality of my services. Therefor your reviews on the tours taken will be a precious contribution to my ability to always offer better tours.

  • Privacy Policy:


In accordance with the new rules regarding the treatment of personal information, RPFT will pay full respect of your privacy and your data protection. In addition to that, if you want to have your pictures or the pictures I will have taken of you during our tours, published on my website or in my other social media (for promotional purposes only), I will ask you to sign a proper release to authorize me to do so. If you will agree, you will also become part of the Rome Photo Fun Tours experience: a yearly photo competition amongst my clients, where the three best photographers will win a 50% discount coupon for themselves or their friends to be used in a new tour.