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Maybe Rome was not your dream destination. Maybe you intended to visit Kenya, or Namibia, or Ethiopia. Or maybe you never really planned to go there, but, nonetheless, you would like to take a virtual trip to those places in a new, intriguing, compelling, and, most of all, safe way.

This webinar is exactly what you were looking for since it offers you an in-depth look at the most extraordinary traditional tribes of East and West Africa, showing you their traditions and way of living in the most spectacular remote rural and desert areas.

I lived in Africa for twelve years of my life, working as a photographer and documentary film-maker for UN Agencies and International NGOs. I documented their projects, traveling in fourteen Sub-Saharian countries, seeing and experiencing magical beauty, and touching lives. In twelve years I acquired a vast archive of photos, each one of them with incredibly touching stories behind. If you are ready to embark on a photography learning journey join me on this journey and experience Africa before it will vanish forever.

Find something new, something that nobody could have imagined before, something that only you can find because, in addition to being a photographer, you are a somewhat special human being, capable of looking deeply where others would go straight. (Margaret Bourke-White)

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