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The forced lockdown has put all of us in a new situation, mostly a very uncomfortable one, yet at the same time, it has given us plenty of time to dedicate our energies to elaborate new ideas and work profoundly and efficiently on projects that we kept in the drawer for too long.

Having worked internationally in media and visual communication for over thirty years, I understood that there is a very strong connection between our inner life and the way we portray the world we see. Achieving and gaining a deep understanding and awareness of that connection helps us to become better photographers as well as better human beings.

This very unique webinar that combines the Art of Photography with the philosophy and practice of Mindfulness is a first, important step in that direction, it's the beginning of a journey of knowledge, paved also with the Art of several Photography Masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, Vivian Maier, Liu Bolin, and others.

This journey will revolutionize your way to perceive and practice photography.

Learning to see is the longest internship in all the arts. (Edmond De Goncourt)

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