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156. Keeping the balance through Art and Determination

By Giulio D'Ercole

The Strength of a Drop Can Save an Ocean

Dear readers and photographers,

these are hard times for everybody and we are all called to adapt to a completely different life than the one we lived before.

As a photographer, whose work and passion are to be outdoor capturing images of life, people, nature and urban settings, and whose daily bread an butter was to guide visitors through the magic of Rome, teaching them the marvelous Art of Photography, I find quite hard to be in a forced cloister.

Though, we all must play our part, and our part is to respect the social distancing measures, even and foremost when this implies to stay in the house, keeping yourself safe and by keeping others safe as well.

What Coronavirus is Teaching Us

As I already wrote in other past blogs, there is a lot to learn from this all turning tables crisis. Allow me to mention some:

1. The ability to stay by yourself and with your beloved ones without losing your cool, but finding peace instead.

2. The ability to find time to do those things you always thought you had no time to do, as reading, playing with your kids, re-ordering your archive, re-organizing your shelves and closets.

3. To look for quality movies, documentaries or other enriching materials you can find on your TV and Internet platforms, such as tutorials, shows, concerts etc.

4. To meditate on what the real priorities in your life are.

5. .... and finally, to start planning how your life will be once we will go back to normality, meaning how your new normality will be, because one thing is sure: many things will be changed by then, and we will all have to find a better equilibrium to face our new existence

Art Helps to Understand Reality Making Visible the Invisible

So, as I was cleaning up and reorganizing my photo archive I found a number of nature macro photography shots I took a couple of years back, during an early morning walk in a wood near my place in Rome.

Even though these are not shots where you can see Rome, as a matter of fact those are shots that could be taken anywhere in the same weather circumstances, I have decided to share them here, one by one, in different blogs, hoping they might be of some help with their minimalistic messages.

Even in fragile and delicate circumstances, always keep your own balance and a solid grip on reality.

This down below is the first one.

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