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159. Always Keep a Solid Grip

By Giulio D'Ercole

Sharing a personal Life Moment at the times of Coronavirus

Today, for the very first day since the beginning of our lockdown, March 10th, 2020, my daughter has given signs of sadness and irritability. It came quite as a surprise since for the past three weeks she has always been very joyful, always busy, proactive, serene and creative as she has always been in her life. In reality, her bad mood today should not have come as a surprise: she's only twelve and normally super-active with school, sports, music and whatnot.

We, as parents, should have expected a little crack, a hesitation, a down moment of emotional bewilderment, especially in a child full of energies that only push for growth and movement, expansion and not imprisonment.

if it is hard for her, it certainly is for us too: we need to help her, as we help each other in these difficult times, and we must give her the right guidance, support, and love. So, one more time, we are called to be focused on our duties and responsibility: our child's wellbeing and strength in the always uncertain times of development.

Photography is a Medium to Read and Understand even the Invisible

A few days ago I shot a picture, part of my Macro Minimalistic Project, and since things never happen by chance but everything is always tightly and mysteriously connected by an invisible thread of synchronicity, I realized that there was a strong link between that very photo and today's situation, I mean the one of my daughter and the one we are all experiencing:

As difficult as it can be, as lonely as we might feel, as vulnerable as we might appear always remember to keep a solid grip! Even when everything around you is unstable like a thin blade of grass.

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