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166. Happy Easter 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Quality time

I am sorry for being late on this, but yesterday I was way too busy to spend quality time with my family, trying my very best to use each and every moment of this Easter during the Coronavirus quarantine in the most memorable way possible, as confined as we are in our city apartment.

Freeing creativity when borders become tighter

Nonetheless I found sometime to come up with an idea to customize my happy Easter greetings to the times we are living today, in one meaningful photograph that could say it all: tradition, sharing and safety.

Merging Past, Present and Future

As we all look forward much better days to come, hoping that this Easter will not only be a time of passage but a true resurrection to a new a better life for all, I decided to link my realistic photo to the dear old memory of super creative and joyful Walt Disney's Silly Symphony "Funny Little Bunnies".

Rome Photo Fun Tours goes online

So, since the word FUN plays a big role in the name of my company, and because I strongly believe fun should never die, like the Eternal city and the art of photography, here is an important anticipation for you guys: I am presently structuring a number of online photo workshops that will take you through Rome in a completely innovative, interactive, creative and holistic way. Therefore, if you cannot travel and if your dream to see and photograph Rome has been put on hold, don't worry, Giulio D'Ercole and Rome Photo Fun Tours will still offer you terrific options to discover and learn about Rome using photography.

Contact us

If you want to know more about my future online Rome touring workshops, stay tuned. And if you want to contribute to them with suggestions, questions, and visions, do not hesitate to write to me at or at . I will be looking forward to hearing from you to make your dreams of being in Rome come true!

Click on the photo to watch Walt Disney's Silly Symphony "Funny Little Bunnies

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