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83. The Never Ending Magic of Bubbles

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Street photography in a lively city that welcomes artists and performers is always intriguing and fun. Having a ready and curious eye to capture what happens around us is a skill, a talent and a gift. Beauty reveals itself in so many small things and we, street-photographers, are looking exactly for that very instant when the charm of life reveals itself. When we assist to a sudden magical moment, we all go back in time, becoming children again, mesmerized by the fascination of something unusual and yet joyful.... children again we find ourselves playing with soft, fragile, light reflecting bubbles flying in the air all around us. We would to like to hold them, as we would like to hold time, but if we are too rough they blast in thousands of little drops. We must be kind and calm to hold their secret existence. We must respect their equilibrium in between being and not being, visibility and disappearance or they will break and vanish, like a dream. A photographer's art somehow relates to that, responds to the same rules of attention and kindness: a photographer always tries to capturing the invisible in the visible, accepting the challenge to freeze in the blink of an eye something that reveals itself just for a little, short, tiny moment.

Taking the Romephotofuntours street photography workshop you will get all te inspiration and guidance to improve your skills of a digital "life catcher".

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