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I lived for almost twenty years abroad and when I returned to Rome I rediscovered all its sparkling and yet romantic life, its corners, its neighborhoods. I savored the magic of its streets in the early morning when the Eternal city slowly wakes up and comes to life. This webinar is an enchanting and moving look into the deepest folds of life in Rome, as the city is authentically experienced by Romans and visitors alike. If you want to learn the secrets of Street-Photography and how to capture the invisible feelings of human beings, capture the oddities of life, discover how even the smallest thing can reveal a hidden secret, come with me and I'll take you to the most intriguing online walking tour you can wish for and dream of. 

Let's learn what seeing truly means. 

I soon learned that an apparently insignificant image can become meaningful and is an aspect of photography that I have always loved.
(Annie Leibovitz)

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