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Professional Photographer Giulio D'Ercole will take you through a journey of beauty, technical learning, day and night iconic images and the art of mindful photography.

Rome Photo Fun Tours provides private and safe hands-on photo workshops while enjoying well-planned itineraries by day and by night. This video is just a tasty appetizer of all the beauty you will be able to capture in a thrilling learning experience in the Eternal City.

All the beauty, Art, Iconic places and Life scenes you can capture learning photography during my walking Photo Tours in Rome.
Come to Capture all the fascinating beauty of Rome with my Photography Workshops

Don't miss it out! Take a look at our offers below and choose the one or the ones that fit your likings and desires.           

Shoot, Learn and Have Fun with Giulio 

It was a 10-star-tour!  This is a must-take-tour for photographers of any level; even if you are not a photographer this is a great way to see Rome through a local’s eyes, get recommendations, and orientation when you start your Roman holiday! Can’t say enough about my experience and gratitude. Highly recommended. Sophie (China/USA)


Simply the best!  I can't sing enough praise about Giulio's skills as a photography workshop guide. He will guide you to the best shots in Rome. If you want his inputs on your shots, he's eager to provide it, but he won't intrude if you prefer to do your shots on your own.  I am also so impressed with Giulio as a person. I could talk with him for hours about his experiences doing humanitarian photography in Africa and about photography as an art form in general.In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Rome Photo Fun Tours. Gary (USA)

Fabulous way to see and capture Rome!  I did a combined night and morning tour with Rome Photo Fun Tours, so that I could get photos without the crowds. It worked! Giulio is a multi-talented guide. First, he organized a great tour including some of the city's most iconic sites as well as some spots I wouldn't have found on my own. Second, he is a skilled photographer and provided excellent tips on composition and camera settings. And, he shared fascinating information about the places we visited. Overall, it was a fun and fantastic photo experience! Cindy (Canada)

Fantastic experience!  My wife and I had a wonderful photo tour on the streets of Rome. It was a unique experience, a different way to see the Eternal city and to learn the basics of photography. Thank you Giulio! Nemanja (Serbia)

In the shade of History, under the light of Art, along the Dolce Vita dream, Rome Photo Fun Tours provides a compelling range of personalized workshops/photo-tours for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

Transform your Roman holidays in the most unforgettable photography journey through iconic Beauty, timeless Architecture and charming Roman life style, or be professionally photographed in it.

Check our  reviews, you will look no further.

Giulio is the perfect tutor!  I have a fair amount of photography experience but not of night shooting and I really wanted to learn how to start tackling this genre in the Eternal City. Giulo was patient, friendly, open, passionate and experienced. There was only me on the workshop  although my wife came along for the walk. Not only does Giulio have a fantastic amount of photography experience and a great life backstory, he is a Roman and knows his city like the back of his hand. I know that a workshop would be a great experience for anybody with an interest in photographing Rome and I would 100% recommend it. Thanks Giulo you made my last night in Rome a memorable one. Doug (UK)

For Your Eyes Only!  I am an Italian living in Australia. Some Australian friends told me about Giulio's tours and I booked two tours with him. I saw Rome like I never saw it before!!! The empty squares in the early morning, the beautiful monuments photographable in the right light, the art..... and then Rome by night. Giulio took me to every and each place in a very well planned itinerary. I feel I didn't miss one thing. And not only that! He was very keen in giving me all the right tips to use my camera and the settings to play with light and angles.... some of the shoots I took then are now printed and framed on my wall. Truly two memorable tours! Thanks Giulio. Bibi (Italy/Australia)

Definitely The Most Rewarding Day Spent In Rome!  Rome Photo Fun Tours totally enhanced my visit to the Eternal City. Giulio is a very highly accomplished professional who is not only excellent technically but he's also got an amazing artistic eye. He revealed the city's behind the scene magic in gem-like places that a tourist such as myself never could have found on his own. I would highly recommend Rome Photo Fun Tours for both amateur and professional photographers - you're certain to take home some excellent shots. Anthony (New Zealand)

Best workshop ever!  Everything during the workshop, together with Giulio's professionalism and charm, was absolutely fantastic. I recommend it 100%. You'll learn lots of things while having fun all along. Eva (Spain)

Talented photographer, great experience!  Travelling to Rome and wishing to learn a bit more about photography the tour with Giulio was a revelation. He is a very talented and experienced photographer and was very patient with us. I would recommend anyone to take this tour, not only those with an active interest in photography but those with an interest in Rome. Bravo!! Richard (UK)

This was my favorite tour by far!  I had a 4 hour session with Giulio, an Italian professional photographer. Giulio was very professional and passionate about his work. He used to live and work in New York as a film producer so he speaks perfect English and a true perfectionist. He was not only taking the photos of me (I booked the Photo shooting your Roman Holidays tour) but also giving me a tour about all the iconic places that we go. The very next day, I received about 150 amazing photos of myself with the Roman dramatic backdrops. It was like a miracle. I will cherish all these pictures forever, it was definitely the best way to capture your vacation memory!! thank you Giulio!!! Sherry (China/USA)

Best Photo Tour in Rome  I love finding exciting ways to explore new cities and my recent trip to Roma was no different. As part of my research I reached out to a good friend who had just returned from a recent trip to Italy. He suggested I book a photo tour with Giulio from Romephotofuntours and it turned out to be one of the best parts of my visit. Giulio is a fantastic photographer, very patient, extremely friendly and he knows Roma like the back of his hand. I booked his Roma By Night tour. We spent hours shooting the ancient ruins, famous squares and monuments with no one else around. Giulio picked me up from my flat, we drove and walked everywhere, following a carefully planned itinerary. He allowed me to take all the shots I wanted and then some! If looking to capture beautiful photographs of Roma By Night, Giulio is your guy! Zandelle (USA)

Best photography workshop and personalized to your desires!  Giulio is an amazing photographer in his own right and is a native Roman so he not only guides in you photography but also gives you local knowledge of Rome! I took both his Rome by Day tour as well as the Beauty and History tour. I would recommend both equally. From beginners to experts, it doesn't matter. He is an excellent teacher and really listens to what your interests are and what you would like to learn. He wants only success for you! I highly recommend this tour to anyone! Especially someone that is keen on advancing their photography skills or just wanting a guide to the best photo spots. He goes at your pace and you might even enjoy a coffee with him! Kathrine (USA) -

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