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Photography is not only my profession, it is also my way to feel, observe and communicate the beauty and the enriching depth of our world. The act of photographing is my meditation tool, my never-ending experience of discovery, and my philosophy of life. It is the way I have to enter into a deeper empathy with a reality that needs to be understood beyond its physical appearance, going beyond its first visible layer. This, and much more, is what I offer with my Photography Tours. Booking my Photo Walks & Workshops you will not only take amazing shots, but you will also experience the Beauty of this Art.

Quality over quantity


We offer private, small groups, and customizable
Photo Walks and Workshops

Let me introduce myself

My name is Giulio D'Ercole

I'm a Professional Photographer, and University Photography Professor, in Rome. 
Thanks to my professional international background in visual communication, and my twenty years experience in professional photography, I guarantee photography tours and workshops that will enable you to capture beauty, art, street life, day and night iconic images of the Eternal City as well as of many other locations in Italy.
Alongside the joy the simple act of photographing gives, you will have the chance to benefit from unique hands-on Technical Learning Experience, diving into the fulfilling Art of Mindful Photography.

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