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From the beginning when I first contacted Giulio by email, he was so helpful and responsive to my questions regarding the tour I immediately knew I wanted to take his tour. I actually scheduled both a day class and a night class with Giulio and they were both wonderful! I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about committing to two separate private tours with someone I had never met, but I was so pleased with both my tours with him and not in the least disappointed! What can I say? Giulio was just amazing! His knowledge of Rome was incredible and it was such a joy to walk the city with him. I learned so much about Rome and photography on this tour with Giulio. Also, whatever your level of photography He knows where to get the best shots, but he also teaches you how to learn to frame shots and improve your photography. Every picture I took the remaining of my trip in Rome and in Paris, I could hear Giulio’s voice in my ear guiding me along on how to get the best shot and angle. He is such a professional, yet also so kind and friendly and as others have mentioned so humble. Even though he is such an experienced professional, he is so easy to talk with and I felt like I was with an old acquaintance. I truly enjoyed the hours I spent with him. If you are considering a tour with Giulio, don’t hesitate. Book the tour. You will not regret the time you spend with him! When I return to Rome, I will definitely book another tour with him. Noma (USA)

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Giulio goes the extra mile to fulfill all the wishes one may have on this tour and knows the right spots. The tour is very entertaining and the time flies. The balance between the explanations about history and teaching more in-depth knowledge about how to take the best pictures is perfect. You will not regret getting up very early in the morning to experience this stunning tour. Christine and Thomas (Germany)


Having just returned from our European trip of a lifetime, we were just recounting the many highlights of our overseas experience. Right at the TOP was Giulio D’Ercole. Prior to our trip we researched and ultimately booked Giulio as our private Guide to Rome and Nighttime photography. As an advanced photographer my wife was not only in awe of Giulio’s intricate knowledge of photography, but more so his overall approach to a photo and his philosophy behind it! Couple that with an unmatched knowledge of Italian history, unbelievable charm, and a so inviting and comfortable disposition—and you have an unforgettable time, in an unforgettable place with an unforgettable professional. Thank you so much, Giulio! We will always remember you through these miraculous photos. Stacey and Joe (USA)

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A gorgeous day in Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este, I am so glad I took this photo tour. I've been trying to step up my photo skills and this tour with Giulio made it happen! He is an excellent teacher - both patient and kind. He is very clear and shows you step by step - if that's what you need. But we quickly went way beyond the basics. He made beautiful suggestions and let me take the images I saw (not just what's on a list like other tours). He made me a much better photographer! I liked the idea of a photo day at the two stunning Villas in Tivoli while I was visiting busy Rome. The Villas have beautiful places for photos inside and out in the amazing gardens. He knows the history well and shared interesting stories about them. We stopped for a delicious lunch in town and ended the day with a snack. It was a perfect day. I have many outstanding photos thanks to this tour! He is a perfect gentleman, expert photographer, and gracious host. I highly recommend a tour with Guilio. I am so glad I did this. I will take his Rome night photo tour next time I'm in Rome. Do not hesitate to book a tour - you will have gorgeous photos to show your family and friends too!!! Lisa (USA)



This was my favorite tour by far! I had a 4 hour session with Giulio, an Italian professional photographer. Giulio was very professional and passionate about his work. He used to live and work in New York as a film producer so he speaks perfect English and a true perfectionist. He was not only taking the photos of me (I booked the Photo shooting your Roman Holidays tour) but also giving me a tour about all the iconic places that we go. The very next day, I received about 150 amazing photos of myself with the Roman dramatic backdrops. It was like a miracle. I will cherish all these pictures forever, it was definitely the best way to capture your vacation memory!! thank you Giulio!!! Sherry (China/USA)


I did a combined night and morning tour with Rome Photo Fun Tours, so that I could get photos without the crowds. It worked! Giulio is a multi-talented guide. First, he organized a great tour including some of the city's most iconic sites as well as some spots I wouldn't have found on my own. Second, he is a skilled photographer and provided excellent tips on composition and camera settings. And, he shared fascinating information about the places we visited. Overall, it was a fun and fantastic photo experience! Cindy (Canada) - Read her blog

Rome Photo Fun Tours

 The No Heat, No Crowds Tour is the perfect way to capture Rome’s beauty and take it home with you! Giulio’s tour not only provided an awesome opportunity to capture the sights without the heat or the crowds, but he willingly shared valuable photography tips with me, to ensure my nighttime shots were perfect. Aside from the fact that we had so much in common, Giulio is very kind and accommodating! Though six hours in the middle of the night may sound like a lot of time, I found that we used every second of it set up for the perfect shot, taking it and moving along to the next sight. In addition to Giulio’s photography expertise, he is a wealth of Roman history knowledge. He did a fantastic job of explaining the history and significance of each of the sites we visited. I found the tour extremely valuable and my photos are gorgeous! I look forward to taking the tour again the next time I’m in the Eternal City!! If you’re on the fence about taking the shorter version of this tour or going with a longer one, definitely take the longer tour. It was well worth the time and expense and knowledge gained! I highly recommend Giulio’s tour! Sandra (USA)

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Giulio is an attentive guide and a talented photographer. This was the perfect combination to discover Rome and to improve my photography skills at the same time. Immediately after having booked the tour, Giulio contacted me to request additional information (if first time in Rome, level of photography, etc.) to ensure the tour will be adapted to my needs. Giulio’s objective is really to tailor the experience to meet and exceed your expectations. I booked the Rome by Day, Beauty and History Photo Tour. I really recommend the early start as it gives the opportunity to take beautiful shots just a little before sunrise and see almost empty touristic places. My teenage son joined me for the tour (at no extra cost) to take pictures with his mobile phone, and with the Giulio’s direction he took some terrific shots. Giulio was providing helpful photography tips, both on technical and artistic aspects, adapted to my level, helping me improve my skills. I really appreciated his flexibility and generosity. Javier (Switzerland)

Posing in the ancient christian

I am a hobby photographer and I sometimes team up with local photographers, especially as I don’t like touristy and popular cities. Giulio was perfect for what I was looking for. He made me love Rome and I have been wanting to go back ever since. He is not only is a great photographer, he goes all the way to make one feel comfortable and adjust the schedule according to one’s tastes. He even let me use his tripod. He accommodated all my requests. My most memorable find with him was Spanish Steps without a single soul, almost an impossibility. Wishing Giulio the very best in his new ventures! Hope to see you soon. PS: I took the attached picture with Giulio. Kumudini (India)


After having been all around the world, I finally visited Rome. It's fantastic, magical, charming.... and for an Aussi the amount of history and art there is almost overwhelming. I was very lucky to have Giulio from RomePhotoFunTours to take me around swiftly, helping me out to take great shots of those worldwide famous monuments, churches, squares, art I always admired in movies, documentaries and books. The itinerary he planned was perfect for the four hours we had together. His instructions and tips always easy to follow and inspirational. I am also impressed by the conversation we had along the tour: the guy is interesting and fun to be with. Thanks RomePhotoFunTours and double thumbs up for Giulio! Keep it up! Debbi (Australia)

Photographing the Colosseum

Gosh, I had a wonderful time last night! You are not only a guide but also a scholar, a world traveler and a wise man! I totally enjoyed the Rome by Night tour and am very grateful meeting you and saw the city through a local! Can’t say enough of that. Thank you also for the time the chat and having dinner with me. Sophie (China/USA)


We really enjoyed our tour of Rome with Giulio. We have been coming to Rome for years, but seeing it through the eyes of a Roman gives it a new twist. Giulio was really knowledgable and gave us great tips for our photos and showed us new angles on old sites. We would definitely recommend a morning or evening with Photo Fun Tours! Shauna (Tanzania)

Ancient Roman Temple

The thing that you immediately notice is Giulio's professionalism and passion. He makes you live immortal places up close and shows you glimpses of Rome that your eyes would never have seen. My warm advice is to take this opportunity and experience something extraordinary, letting yourself being guided by Giulio's professionalism and experience. You will not regret it. Antonio (Italy)


Wonderful emotion, as a Roman, to discover unusual itineraries guided by t knowledgeable eye of a professional photographer. Truly an excellent experience to suggest also to friends visiting Rome. Thanks! Laura (Italy)


Everything during the workshop, together with Giulio's professionalism and charm, was absolutely fantastic. I recommend it 100%. You'll learn lots of things while having fun all along. Eva (Spain)


I love finding exciting ways to explore new cities and my recent trip to Roma was no different. As part of my research I reached out to a good friend who had just returned from a recent trip to Italy. He suggested I book a photo tour with Giulio from Romephotofuntours and it turned out to be one of the best parts of my visit. Giulio is a fantastic photographer, very patient, extremely friendly and he knows Roma like the back of his hand. I booked his Roma By Night tour. We spent hours shooting the ancient ruins, famous squares and monuments with no one else around. Giulio picked me up from my flat, we drove and walked everywhere, following a carefully planned itinerary. He allowed me to take all the shots I wanted and then some! If looking to capture beautiful photographs of Roma By Night, Giulio is your guy! Zandelle (USA)

Pantheon, water and light

Rome Photo Fun Tours totally enhanced my visit to the Eternal City. Giulio, the director, is a very highly accomplished professional who is not only excellent technically but he's also got an amazing artistic eye. His love and enthusiasm for this his native city became quite clear as he revealed the city's behind the scene magic in gem-like places that a tourist such as myself never could have found on my own. I would highly recommend Rome Photo Fun Tours for both amateur and professional photographers - you're certain to take home some excellent shots. Rick (USA)


Giulio, who is a beautiful, caring person, guided us so that we saw Rome in a completely different light, in the evening and during the day. Giulio's technical ability is outstanding but, it was his genuineness and ability to perceive beauty that lifted our experience and enjoyment to higher level, much higher than we had expected. Irrespective of where we were, at a fountain, in a church, at a famous monument, or in the back streets of the city, Giulio always revealed something that was inspirational. A wonderful, fulfilling experience! Julian (Australia)

Rome photo fun tours is an amazing service provider for all those photography lovers going to Rome that want to have a great shooting there. Both the Rome by Day and the Rome by Night tours are very well planned and better executed. I consider myself an amateur photographer but my partner is a professional!!! We both enjoyed the itineraries and Giulio's professionalism. He knows Rome and the Art of photography to the T. If you want to photograph Rome in the bet hours guided by a true professional, book Romephotofuntours. You will love it! Sig (Germany)


Romephotofuntours gave me and my wife a terrific Rome by day photo tour. Giulio showed us the most beautiful places in Rome, giving us great advices on how to photograph them and how to deal with the different light conditions we were facing. He also took us in a bar where we had the best coffee of my life. At the end of the our we also went to a typical Roman restaurant where we had a great lunch for a very reasonable price. Specially the "pasta al pesto", Giulio advised us, which was just gorgeous! All this tour in Rome was like second honeymoon for me and my wife... after 20 years! With Giulio as our best man. Congrats to him and Romephotofuntours for the romantic tour ant the very professional service they offer. Marc (France)


Shooting the Colosseum, the ancient Roman ruins, St. Peter's church, the Trevi fountain and many other amazing places I always heard about was great.... but doing it in the middle of the night, when nobody was around was magical! Thanks to Romephotofuntours for your Rome by night photo tour.... and of course thanks to you Giulio. You took me around Rome making me feel 100% safe, teaching me how to take great night shots. I enjoyed your friendly company and professionalism. Great job!" Looking forward to my next trip with my family and new experiences with Romephotofuntours! Michelle (Belgium)

A view on the Roman Forums

I know Giulio and his work already from Africa - Kenya, Ethiopia, so I couldn´t miss the chance of joining his photo tour in Rome. Excellent job, I was amazed. I can recommend the tour, definitely! Oto (Czech Republic) 


I've been in Rome several times in my life, but doing the Romephotofuntours last Sunday with Giulio was a new, amazing experience I can recommend to everybody! We met at 6.30 am sharp (early alarm totally worthy!) at Castel sant'Angelo, as agreed when I booked the tour from NY. He asked me about my photography skills, about my interests, and what I wanted to focus on specifically in terms of teaching during our walk. He had a professional and pragmatic approach that really impressed me! The tour itself was a pleasant surprise after the other and I have to say, Giulio's congeniality made the difference! He took me in many amazing places I haven't been before, despite my many trips to Rome, without wasting time and keeping focus on the workshop aspect of the tour. The approach he suggested about different sculptures, indoor and outdoor, the way to look at big monuments as well as at small details, everything made sense to me. In those four hours walk, I took some amazing shots and I truly learned a lot. Great job Giulio, I had a terrific time! Elly (USA)


I am a professional photographer from India. Last October I went to Rome for the first time in my life. I wanted to take memorable shots of the famous city, guided without wasting time by another professional. So I booked Rome Photo Fun Tours, which was recommended by some friends. The itinerary proposed by Giulio, the photographer that took me around, was meticulously planned and we swiftly moved around going to all the places I wished to see, yet leaving enough time to take great shots. I am truly happy I found such a professional for my first visit to Rome, it helped me big time to achieve what I had in mind. Thanks Rome Photo Fun Tours! Selva (India)

Castel Sant'Angelo

If you want to see Rome through the eyes of a Roman, this tour is for you. There are so many corners of Rome which we would not have discovered without GIulio's tour, all of them beautiful. It is well worth heading out early in the morning, to see the city waking up, before the crowds descend. Giulio is a knowledgeable guide and great photography teacher. I would recommend this tour, and whether it's your first time in Rome or your 100th, you will experience something new, and have wonderful photos to prove it! Gillian (Scotland)


Many people make it to Rome but few have the privilege of experiencing this incredible city under the experienced eye of a trained photojournalist. There is nothing quite like it. You are not just a tourist exploring the many historic sites in and around Rome. You are invited to step into the shoes of someone who sees the world through the lenses of a camera. For a few hours you can think like Cartier Bresson or Abbas or Steve McCurry. You can attempt to interpret beauty in your own way and be self-expressive, while at the same time discovering one of the most fascinating cities of the world. That very action takes you into a different space where the here and now become timeless. Giulio's enthusiasm, artistic eye, sense of humor and poetic interpretation of his beloved city will draw you in and gift you with an unforgettable experience. I worked with Giulio in the past and, while visiting some friends in Rome, I decided to give his tour a shot. I had never seen Rome this way before. I got a much more intimate view of a city I had visited but had never quite "seen" this way before. I fell in love with Rome again, thanks to Giulio. Definitely, worth it! Besides, I now have beautiful images that I created as a forever memory to share with family and friends. Beatrice (USA)


Giulio is an amazing photographer in his own right and is a native Roman so he not only guides in you photography but also gives you local knowledge of Rome! I took both his Rome by Day tour as well as the Beauty and History tour. I would recommend both equally. From beginners to experts, it doesn't matter. He is an excellent teacher and really listens to what your interests are and what you would like to learn. He wants only success for you! I highly recommend this tour to anyone! Especially someone that is keen on advancing their photography skills or just wanting a guide to the best photo spots. He goes at your pace and you might even enjoy a coffee with him! Kris (USA)

Cuban Music in Villa Borghese

Giulio is incredibly nice. A warm guide to have in Rome. The photography tour was truly entertaining and the workshop enriching. I eventually put my camera down to focus on taking in the city. He was the perfect guide for an authentic experience. Rome by night tour was especially breathtaking. Ivy (Kenya)


Giulio is a professional who knows how to talk about photographic technique but at the heart of people. He knows Rome perfectly and is able to adapt the tour based on your level of knowledge of Rome and your passions. Nice and welcoming. A really nice day. Filippo (Italy)


I found this tour outstanding and highly recommended it. Giulio's English is excellent and his professional skills and passion are tops. Katherine (USA)


Giulio Is an awesome photography guide. Not only did we have a very productive morning covering an enormous amount of distance and sites in Rome, he is thoroughly enjoyable to converse with and brings a wealth of experience to both conversation and artistic perspective. In fact, he and I have stayed in touch after my time in Rome, sharing pictures and the like. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have been on a number of photography tours throughout the world and this was undoubtedly one of the best. AJ (USA)


I met Giulio many years ago, when we were both living in Kenya an he was working as a photographer for the UN and NGOs. Then I moved back to Italy and since then I have been traveling the world working as an artist. Strange enough though I don't know Rome quite well.... so when I saw that Giulio was offering photo tours in Rome I decided to take two of them with him to have an artistic look at the city, Rome by Night and street photography. Giulio has been even better than what I remembered. He made me see things I would have not seen without him, and he also taught me lots of tricks to capture great street photography shots.... those will also be of inspiration for my next paintings. Thanks Giulio, it was wonderful to catch up and walk and talk with you! Francesco (Italy)

Hara Krishna chanting in Rome

We had two different tours with Giulio last year. He showed us the eternal city early in the morning and late at night and we came back to Norway with some great shots of Rome. Giulio's skills as a photo workshop guide is excellent! He is a good teacher with good proffesional skills and passion for his work. He'll even tell you about some really awesome Italian restaurants away from the tourist areas if you ask. Besides he is a really nice guy Our workshops with Giulio were super and we give him top ratings anytime! My advice is: Book your trip with Rome Photo Fun Tours. Nina (Norway)


I am an Italian living in Australia. Last August I went back to Italy after many years and I wanted to enjoy Rome photographing its beauty, and to be helped by a professional photographer to do that in the best way I could. Some Australian friends told me about Giulio's tours and I booked two tours with him. I saw Rome like I never saw it before!!! The empty squares in the early morning, the beautiful monuments photographable in the right light, the art..... and then Rome by night. Giulio took me to every and each place in a very well planned itinerary. I feel I didn't miss one thing. And not only that! He was very keen in giving me all the right tips to use my camera and the settings to play with light and angles.... some of the shoots I took then are now printed and framed on my wall. Truly two memorable tours! Thanks Giulio. Bibi (Australia)


I can't sing enough praise about Giulio's skills as a photography workshop guide. Giulio is so knowledgeable. He will guide you to the best shots in Rome (and also to some really awesome neighborhood Italian restaurants away from the tourist areas). If you want his inputs on your shots, he's eager to provide it, but he won't intrude if you prefer to do your shots on your own. I am also so impressed with Giulio as a person. He has led an amazing life and is simply fun to hang with! Truly someone with his heart in the right place. I could talk with him for hours about his experiences doing humanitarian photography in Africa and about photography as an art form in general. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Rome Photo Fun Tours. Gary (USA)

Campidoglio at sunset .jpg

I was born in Rome and I know it quite well. Since I recently got passionate about photography, I decided to take a workshop with a professional. I was told about Rome Photo Fun Tours and after checking their website I booked two tours with them. A Rome by day and a street photography one. Giulio D'Ercole was my guide in both, and I couldn't be luckier! He's very knowledgeable, patient (I am a novice), clear and fun to be with. I really learned a lot during his tours. Thanks Giulio. Camilla (Italy)


Dear Giulio was so inspirational and patient with his tuition of us two. An early morning start was great for the light and serenity of the sites we visited. No crowds and no rush made for a great experience and provided a good opportunity to appreciate the beauty and personalities in some well chosen sites.The photos still today provide us with momentos that bring to life the atmosphere of that morning in Rome. I am certain others, like us, would truly appreciate Giulio' s photography skill, perception of the subject at hand and love of Rome. Anthony (New Zeland)


Thanks to the professional style of Giulio d'Ercole, the city of Rome gives rise to a new light, a light of greater charm and discovery. I had the pleasure of rediscovering my city from a more stimulating perspective, thanks to the quality photography that offers the passionate work of Giulio. Francesco (Italy)


Selecting a professional trainer and advisor can be frustrating and even dicey at times. Not in this case. We could not be more pleased with every component of our tour and must give Giulio D'Ercole and Rome photo fun tours, the highest marks possible. Thank you!!! Giovanni (Italy)

Blue Note in Piazza del Popolo

Wow, where should I begin? I would say this was one of the most awesome experiences I have had while in Rome. Not only did I get to see and photograph the iconic sites in Rome at night, but I also learned so much from Giulio! He is very nice and kind as well. I would recommend him immensely for anyone interested in taking great photos, seeing the city, and learning what Rome has to offer. Phenomenal. Jerry (Singapore)


This tour was a highlight of my last trip to Rome. Giulio is an expert photographer with a great sensibility to find the perfect angles for the most amazing shots of Rome. He gave me very good insights about photography and composition of photos. Wonderful tips for a true beginner like myself. I had a blast! He went above and beyond! I highly recommend his photo tour! You will see Rome through different lenses!! Ludmilla (Brasil)


I really enjoyed my time with Giulio. He had a great understanding of the city, the timing necessary to get the best shots, and some of the unusual perspectives that most tourists would not see. He also encouraged me to do my best work, and would not settle for mediocrity. Very personable, kind and friendly. I highly recommend Giulio and Rome at Night. My photos are now in a book that will be treasured. Steve (UK)

I joined my wife as a spectator for her night photography tour with Giulio. It was so cool to experience Rome after hours and Giulio provided an awesome tour, taking us around the city to the main attractions. In addition to being very personable, Giulio was also very helpful and informative to my wife who was using her new camera for the first time. I did not have high expectations for this tour as I was just tagging along, but it ended up being my favorite experience in Rome. Thank you Giulio, hope we cross paths again in the future! Pasquale (USA)


We decided to bring our 4 months old baby to the Vatican to be baptized. My family traveling from Asia, his family from Milano and ourselves from Africa... quite hectic to organize everything and I have never been a fan of having a professional photographer (even for our wedding)... yet that Saturday morning, when we walked across St Peter Square, we stumbled upon Giulio, he was shooting with someone else, we exchanged conversations and I was impressed with his portfolio, especial his work in Africa so when my sister proposed the idea of requesting him to shoot at my daughter’s baptismal next Sunday, I didn’t hesitate and I’m convinced that it was meant to be. He was responsive, Super interesting to converse with and he worked wholeheartedly, we weren’t restricted by a number of hours or number of photos... he made everything just about us, and nothing else.
Thank you for the beautiful moments captured and I wish we can work together again somewhere somehow. Anna (Vietnam)

What an incredible experience I had on my Photo tour with Giulio. It was an AMAZING and magical night in the most beautiful spots in Rome. Giulio is not only a very talented, professional, patient and knowledgeable photographer He also knows very well the history of every corner of Rome and tells you in a very entertaining way. I extended my tour two more hours because I could not stop enjoying a magical night walking through the streets of a city with more than 3000 years of history with extraordinary architecture. Giulio gave me a lot of tips about photography like composition, the use of lights, how to see small details as well as how to capture the beauty of a great scene, he knows the best photo spots and help me to bring all this beauty in my camera. It’s the first time that I don’t need to take dozens of photos to feel secure about taking the right one I had two or three per place and are absolutely beautiful. If you are a photographer or just want to take the best city night tour don’t miss this opportunity. Lorena (Spain)


The tour itself gave me an excuse to bring along my better (and much heavier) camera which begged to be put to use. We started early on Saturday morning before the heat and tourist waves hit the streets. Giulio is an expert in a labyrinth of Rome streets and took me to places I would hardly go by myself, giving thoughtful advise and hints along the way. He has a 360-degrees view and notices people and things worth photographing. He was happy to pretend to be a subject of the photoshoot to give an excuse to shoot someone else, he was helping to find the best spot for a rustic bike we found along the way, He also discussed a lot of details very useful in street photography. Although we were walking 4 hours straight without rest we had a lot of energy left, so we extended the tour for another hour which gave me a chance to explore more of Rome. We even managed to get in a small private courtyard that even Giulio wasn't able to get into before! Overall this was a great experience. I am used to photographing city streets, but doing this in a company of an expert street photography is just another experience - not only Giulio knew the city and shared his knowledge but he provided inspiration! Alex (Russia/USA)

Absolutely essential travel experience with Giulio. Mira and I knew next to nothing about Rome and even less about photography, but his patient approach to teaching made what seemed impossible very accessible for us both. We were sad when the tour ended because it was such a great experience, but started to develop skills we can use in our future travels and made a friend in Giulio along the way. I cannot recommend this tour strongly enough. Ben and Mira (USA and Kazakistan)


It is important to note that every person and their individual experience is unique in many ways. If you are looking for a guide who is passionate about his craft, who knows Rome and its history, and who wants to give his all to your experience, then Giulio is your man. As someone who cares about a guest’s needs, Giulio first wants to know what the guest wants and expects. This is extremely important as he wants to deliver value and exceed one’s expectations. I personally wanted more of a photography workshop so he helped me in so many ways. He also gave a great history of Rome and Italians. While simultaneously showing me how to take good shots with my camera, we strolled the streets chatting about various topics. I had a wonderful time... and so will you. Marvin (USA-Philippines)

I booked the Photo tour "Rome by night“ - it was the best experience I made in Rome during a lot of different holidays here. We started at 22:00 and ended at 5:30 - and in these 7 hours it was a great time. Giulio is an expert in the city, the history of Roma and a fantastic photographer and teacher. We visited a lot of touristic and non-touristic spots and I was able to take great photos. Thank you for an awesome workshop! Kathrin (Germany)

90. The Roman Forums from Campidoglio GD

Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible photo tour.  The Morning Light photo tour exceeded my wildest imagination. I booked the tour almost 6 months ago, and was really looking forward to it.  Giulio was an exceptional guide as he was informative about both photography and the city of Rome.  I can't possibly recommend this experience enough. Joelle (USA)


Giulio could not have been nicer, more professional, or more of a pleasure with which to spend time.  Gary (USA)


Giulio was very professional and very knowledgeable in photography. I consider myself a novice in photography and needed a lot of things to learn but Giulio never made me feel intimidated taking photos while on the tour. He taught me a lot of things especially in composition and proper exposure – those were my main goals. Not only that Giulio delivered but he exceeded my expectation. Giulio was native Roman so he knows the ins and outs of the town, the history behind those places we went to and best of all, he showed us where we could find good food! And the best part of it too were the photos of us that he took. Thanks Giulio! Mike (India/USA)

Piazza Navona

Our photography workshop with Giulio on 01/07/17 was fantastic.  We met at 6am in Trastevere, an area of Rome that we love.  The streets had not yet been cleaned so Giulio suggest we take a walk to some other areas to find some nice shots.  We later returned to Trastevere after exploring some areas of Rome we had never visited before.  Giulio’s knowledge of Rome and photography is second to none, and we very much appreciated how much he wanted to share; he went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our experience.  Thank you so much Giulio, our shots are great and we will treasure the memories. Kay (UK)


Giulio was right on time and spoke very good English, which made the tour very easy flowing. He was very friendly and eager to share his trade. His overall photographic knowledge combined with his in depth knowledge of Rome’s best photo spots made it a very productive tour. I went to places and made photos that I never would have been able to make without him. Daniel (USA)


Giulio was unbelievably super!! Such a nice person and a fantastic pro. Thank you again! I had a wonderful evening and a super shoot. Richard (USA)

Pantheon in the very early morning.jpg

Giulio was great and really did an outstanding job of conducting us around Rome. I give Giulio a 5 star rating. Jack (USA)


I therefore spent several hours with Giulio yesterday. It was a complete pleasure!! He is knowledgeable but gentle in dispensing instruction. We were able to see fantastic parts of the city by foot. He took care to direct me to sites that were of interest to me, mostly for street photography I highly recommend him! Debbie (USA)


Giulio has been very attentive, very responsive to our expectations and tendencies, and actually made every possible effort to turn this workshop to an unforgettable experience for the both of us and such a great way to celebrate Etti’s Birthday.  Etti & Amit (UK)


We really enjoyed the trip with Giulio last Thursday. Our stop prior to colosseum was particularly nice. We really enjoyed the trip, and guide was very good with lots of tips about camera settings, composition and he certainly took us to some great places to stop. We are pleased with our results, and would highly recommend him. Dennis (USA)

The Colosseum

Lorraine and I had a sensational time with Giulio the other day. Giulio delivered everything we hoped for and more. He got us to the right places at the right times in order to take advantage of the best light. He brought us to the best known monuments and beautiful, off-the-beaten-track spots. Giulio was a great guide and coach. I’ve been taking photos for years but, with Giulio, found I still had plenty to learn. He was patient, accommodating and clearly loves what he does. His enthusiasm was contagious. He was also a fascinating person to spend the morning with. John (USA)


A quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed last night’s tour with Giulio. His master of light taught me much. The settings were perfect. His vast knowledge of Rome insightful. Very. It was a truly memorable evening in Rome. All that I was hoping for and more. Much more. Gary (USA)

Fountain of Four Rivers

More Reviews about my work as Photographer and Film-Maker in Africa


When it comes to portraying humanitarian development work in the field, Giulio is a superb photographer and videographer without question. He knows how to capture fabulous scenes in all kinds of difficult situations and conditions and does it with the appropriate cultural sensitivity required. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Giulio for future assignments and work. Mitchell Wilkie for CBM

Giulio is a very passionate and professional photographer. His eye for detail is fantastic and he works well taking natural expressions as well as setting up interesting shots. While Giulio is highly experienced in his field, he is also open to direction and consults well within a team. Linda Bailey for CBM


Giulio has demonstrated concrete skills in undertaking various aspects of the documentary. He is a great team player. He is very professional, confident, and proficient with a keen eye to detail and dedication to achieving results. Farah Said for IOM

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Giulio D'Ercole provided valuable video services to the World Bank/FAO/ILRI Gates-funded project on" Livestock Data Innovation in Africa". He comes highly recommended by the project coordinators. Nancy Morgan for FAO and World Bank


Mr.D’Ercole has shown great professionalism, promptness and flexibility in carrying out the assignment. His attention to detail and seeking to ensure the quality of the product is highly appreciated. Iman Morooka for UNICEF


Giulio D’Ercole was the Coordinator of the CCT project ICTs for intercultural dialogue “Developing communication capacities of indigenous peoples” for the Africa region. The work achieved by Mr. D’Ercole in regard to the challenge facing this project was excellent from the project execution point of view as well as from the methodology employed to develop a an authentic participatory process. The result: an informative, seducing and audacious documentary which fully responded to the Terms of Reference required by UNESCO. Alonso Aznar for UNESCO

Turkana Women

Giulio D’Ercole managed to creatively bring the story to life, tying together powerful sound bites to riveting images collected in Burundi, Tanzania and Ethiopia. I highly recommend Canvas Africa as a production partner. Beatrice Spadacini for CARE International


I have had the pleasure to commission Giulio's services as a filmmaker on several occasions and have been very satisfied with the results every time. He is very creative and has a sensibility towards social equity issues, which he can capture and translate through his documentary film work and through his photos. Giulio is customer-oriented and pays attention to requirements and input, resulting in high quality audio-visual products. I recommend him unreservedly. Codou Diaw for FAWE


Giulio is one of the most professional and creative producers I have worked with. I had the pleasure of working with Giulio in a couple of high-pressure projects. Giulio always remained positive, focused and gave a sense of partnership. Working with him also means being exposed to positive challenging thinking in constructive and brainstorming session aimed to achieve the best strategies, solutions and results for the task ahead. Dorothy Chlystum-Githae for DHL

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