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About me

Photography taught me the beauty of patience and the gift to see.

Through my images, I try to document, represent, and interpretate the passage of time, the traces it leaves on its path, the emotions of people, the unique soul of a landscape, the rhythm of a cityscape, the secrets of a face, or the joy of a touching moment of life on the street.

Ultimately, when I photograph, I find my own space…​ and in that space I breathe.


My name is Giulio D’Ercole, and I have been a professional Photographer for the last twenty years, since UNICEF Kenya, bought some of my photos for their publications.

I currently teach photography at Istituto Pantheon of Technology and Design, a private University in Rome, my hometown. Since 2016, I have been conducting photography workshops and photographic tours in Rome and Latium, Tuscany, Umbria and Apulia with my two companies: Rome Photo Fun Tours and Italy Photo Fun Tours.

In 1986, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts at the University La Sapienza, in Rome. Since then, I have always worked in visual communication, working first in Theatre, then in Television, and finally as Documentary film maker.

My career in TV started in Italy in 1988, then in 1997 I moved to NY, where I was hired as Senior Producer by Rai Corporation. In 2003, I moved to Kenya, where I worked as Communication and Media expert for UNESCO and ILO.

In the mean time, I founded Canvas Africa Productions, a media company focusing on social and humanitarian issues. With Canvas,I produced dozens of documentaries for major UN Agencies and NGOs, in fourteen Sub-Saharan countries. As I was shooting these documentaries, I focused more and more into photography. My work was then published in several magazines and reports, but most importantly, it was exhibited at the Italian and at the French Institutes of Culture, at the American Embassy, and at the National Museum in Nairobi, at Lagos Photo Festival, and finally, also at the “Biennale di Venezia” in 2011.

In 2013, for the World Refugee Day, I fully conceived and implemented a multimedia installation in Rome, sponsored by UNHCR, focusing on migration.


In 2015 I returned permanently to Rome, and in 2016 I started running photo walks in the Eternal City. In 2018, I founded Rome Photo Fun Tours, and since then, I have been running hundreds of photo walks, teaching architecture, nature, portrait, cityscape, and street photography providing technical and hands-on workshops. Still, on the commercial side, I also shoot interiors and Food Photography for private and international companies.


My most ambitious present project is “Our Home - A Shared New World”, a groundbreaking, innovative multimedia installation and collective exhibition on Life at the time of Corona Virus. This project is now in its fundraising phase, in cooperation with two other international photography communities: Frames Magazine and EXCIO.

If you entered this page, but you are a visual person, as I am sure you are, please note that my professional career is very well described in the video here below, produced  by the prestigious Photography Community and Publishing House Frames Magazine. The slideshow, edited on my own voiceover narration, fully describes  through  my own photos, my background, work, passion, and love for the Art of Photography, which perfectly reflects my love for Life.

My Photography Art Work

If you are interested in my photography work, you can also access it on my Facebook pages (Giulio D'Ercole, Rome Photo Fun Tours, and Italy Photo Fun Tours), Instagram account, Viewbug, and on my YouTube channel.

My work has been exhibited in many different prestigious venues, such as Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, Embassies, Ambassadors' residences, and at the Biennale di Venezia.

I have been published by the New York Times Lens, UN and NGOs magazines and reports, Africa Business magazine. Five of my photos have been bought by Alidem, a photography gallery in Milan.

Some of my photography in Africa

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