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A bit about Giulio D'Ercole

Considering you might choose to have a tour with me, I guess you would like to know a bit about what my life experiences were in terms of professional background as a photographer and communicator. I was born in Rome, Italy in 1961. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", I started my career in Media and Communication. Since then I have been working in Radio, Theatre and Television in Italy, in the USA and in Africa.

Giulo D'Ercole on a Photo shoot.

In 1997 I moved from Rome to go to New York where I worked as Television Senior Producer until 2003, engaging with news, documentaries and entertainment shows.

In 2002 I began working on documentaries on poverty, development and the raising clash between societies, cultures and religions.​

Finally, in 2003 I moved to Kenya, where, after having worked in Somalia as communication expert for UNESCO and ILO, I founded Canvas Africa Productions, a company focusing on social issues through documentaries and Photography projects documenting UN Agencies and NGOs projects. In this capacity I traveled in twelve Sub-Saharan countries, going to the most remote and fascinating regions of the continent, meeting incredible people and experiencing life in all its nuances and beauty.

In 2014, I came back to Rome, my beloved hometown, where I kept being engaged in social photography, film making, communication for Development and journalism. In late 2015 I started running photography workshops for tourists and visitors for another photo tour provider, providing their clients with very successful, compelling and highly appreciated tours, as per the reviews received that can be read on my page Reviews. In 2018, after three years of freelancing for them, along which I refined my teaching, customer care and interpersonal skills as a photographer and tour guide, I opened my own business:  Rome Photo Fun Tours .

Thanks to professionalism, dedication, passion, a well targeted marketing strategy, top service quality and very competitive fees I was  immediately able to attract both International and Italian clients. In only few months  clients' flattering  reviews and some articles sent by renown Tourism and Travels bloggers have solidly proven Rome Photo Fun Tours' competency and qualification to fulfill its core mission: to share with beginners, amateurs and professional photographers alike the artistry, charm and mystery of the eternal city, while teaching them  how to capture its timeless beauty through a large variety of unforgettable walking tours and photo workshops.

I can sincerely state that Rome Photo Fun Tours is my ultimate and best enterprise because it allows me to connect with people from all over the world,  giving me the opportunity to share with them my deep passion for the magic and the art of photography in the most memorable and photogenic city on earth: Rome!