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Rome by Night Photo Tour Under the Stars

Rome by night is an absolute classic, and when it comes to photographing the eternal city under the stars, doing it with a professional photographer that takes you safely and precisely to the best locations becomes a truly memorable experience. So, do not hesitate and take the opportunity to have your own photo tour and workshop when monuments, streets, ancient ruins, sculptures and fabulous squares shine under the moonlight.

Castel Sant'Angelo and the Bridge of Angels. Learn night photography with Giulio D’Ercole. Rome Photo Fun Tours and workshops.

Walking through the finally semi empty streets, taking the perfect images of the magical Bridge of Angels, taking shots of the spectacularly lit Trajan Markets, capturing the majesty of Colosseum under the moon, you will enrich your Roman holidays with unforgettable moments of life.

By touring with me, as I will be telling you all the secrets of night shooting, you will see Rome from a completely point of view, and maybe for the first time you will feel to be totally in it, part of it, a charmed element of its incredible history as if you were traveling in time.