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100. Love in Rome..... at the times of Selfies

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Love and Romance are undoubtedly part of the Roman experience: It is almost impossible not to fall in love or to feel a warmer desire to be connected with others when you are in Rome, especially if you are visiting the eternal city as a tourist.

From the romantic squares to the cozy, hidden corners, from the spectacular art surrounding you at each and every step you take to the heart warming embrace of the parks and gardens, from the characteristic old style atmosphere of Trastevere to the out of time beauty of Villa Borghese, everything seems almost to conspire to let yourself go to a more tender and passionate way of experiencing life.

And it is not different for us, street photographers.... we fall in love with life happening around us, and sometimes with all those images of people loving one another, as if the everyday violence, the ugliness, the wars and the abuses we hear everyday on the news could be, for a short, quick moment forgotten, as if they belonged to another planet far from our solar system. So we point our camera to those lovers and we click, and in that click we freeze love and passion transforming them in an eternal moment...... even if, nowadays, love, is love at the times of selfies.... who knows, maybe even lovers feel that their own happiness is not really eternal, but becomes so only in the Art of Photography.

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