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153. Looking ahead, anticipating the pleasure of photographing the Great Eternal Beauty

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

by Giulio D'Ercole

It has only been postponed!

Today we take a short break from the negative, dark news on Coronavirus.

Today we look ahead, abstracting our minds from the present and we'll try to overcome the news with a simple change of mind, a vision, a life philosophy, a leap of faith.

Today we tell ourselves that sometime soon we'll travel again, that this all crazy situation will end, and that we will go back to our life, maybe with slightly different habits, maybe having given up some commodities, maybe, hopefully, having learned few important lessons.

Beauty will save us

Let me invite you to close your eyes and abandon the disappointment, or even the anger, for having been forced to give up your long awaited vacation. Just think that your trip has only been postponed, and visualize those places where you'll surely be in the next future... so, allow me to help you in this exercise by sharing an image that is going to fill your eyes and soul with some of the amazing revitalizing beauty you will experience once you will finally be in Rome: The Pantheon!

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