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151. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Galileo Galilei, Coronavirus, and Photography

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Nobel Prize Gabriel Maria Marquez, "Love in the time of cholera"

In 1985, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel prize for Literature, published "Love in the time of cholera". The book is a phenomenal journey backward through facts, feelings and an almost impossible love between a man and a woman. A journey whose plot takes place in the memories of the passions lived, the opportunities taken and those lost. Of what has been achieved and what has been let go, while the only true desire, that of loving the beloved, was continually postponed by the obstacles of daily life and the obligations it places.

Taking Time, Rediscovering Values an Pleasures

"Love in the time of cholera" is one of many, many books that we could read or reread in these days of forced quarantine, not only to savor the pleasure of reading but also to learn again how to give the right value to Time and to what we do with it. In the same way, this period of physical immobility can push us towards an incredible inner journey, to the discovery or rediscovery of many values, such as that of slowness and calm, and of the affection for ourselves and for others.

Galileo Galilei: Behind every problem, there is an opportunity!

Let's not forget that these days can also be used to deepen and study things for which before we didn't have time or for which we were too distracted to apply our attention to. In short, during these days, sitting inside the house, we can start an incredible valuable journey. I think the secret will be not getting caught up in anxiety or fear, but to relax next to our own self, appreciating the time we have to flow on this trip along the river of our life!

As for me I will finally catch up on Photography books and all those great in depth tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop and Finalcut X I never had time to watch before.

I will also use this time to fine tune my tours and workshops so to give you even better experiences when this all crisis will be behind us. In the meantime, I will be always be available to reply timely and precisely to all the questions you might have for me, regarding itineraries, photography and other themes concerning my present and future photo workshops in Rome, Tuscany and Southern Italy. of course I will take advantage of these weeks to spend more quality time with my beloved family.

My motto against Coronavirus

Stay Positive, Stay Safe and save for your future trips to Italy and your memorable photo workshops with Rome Photo Fun Tours!

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