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101. Vermeer's Masterpiece comes to life in a Roman lonely night

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Rome in the very early morning, few hours before sunrise, unveils all its mysteries, its charm, its art. Both the one made of its historical buildings, square and monuments, and the less permanent one, that one made by the street artists that with amazing skills an sensitivity paint on the sidewalks the great masterpieces of past major people like, Leonardo, Caravaggio or Vermeer.

Most often than not those street artists are young guys, boys and girls, that offering us the ephemeral beauty of a pastel painting on cement, rely on our offers to buy their daily meals and travel the world, sustained only by their art and supported only by our generosity.

Though, it is a tough task the one they give themselves, since during the day we are always so busy, running quickly from one place to another (why such a hurry?), that we hardly see the beauty they sketch for us, and only very rarely we truly stop to admire their work.

But at night! Ohhh, at night, during our vacations, if you are "adventurous" and pro-active enough to take a Rome by Night photo tour and workshop to discover the magic of the eternal city under the stars, you might be lucky and, as we walk in the finally deserted streets of the city, you can come across these masterpieces, which emerge like mirages from the sidewalks. They are meaningful signs of a beauty as fleeting as it is able to leave in our heart the memory of an infinitely deep moment. In that moment, Vermeer's "Girl with the Pearl Earring" is not anymore a distant, untouchable, iconic painting closed in a cold museum, but it becomes alive, looking at us as if saying "look at me and taste my beauty, my sensuality, look at me, even if I am painted on a cracked grey floor, even if lit only by street lights.... I am here for you, like an Angel's gift to make your night your very unique night in Rome!"

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