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112. Derik's words on my Rome by Night Photo Tour and Workshop

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Here again another wonderful review on my Rome by Night Photo Tour and Workshop. This time the writer is Derik, a young guy from Washington state, who booked the tour on Airbnb. His words wonderfully summarize all what I am and my tours are about: Professionalism, competence, kindness, sharing, welcoming, customer care, friendliness, fun and the pleasure of photographing the eternal city in unique personalized ways. Thanks Derik!!!!!

"Giulio's ability to distill the art of photography into easily understandable and applicable terms to a novice like myself is a gift. He is gentle, kind and knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to make capturing Rome at nighttime unforgettable. He even picked me up near my hotel to start the experience and dropped me off at its doorstep at the conclusion of the night. I would recommend Giulio to anyone who wants to receive an insider's perspective of Rome while getting amazing shots of the city's landmarks and historical sites. This is not simply a Rome at night tour; this is a hands-on photography lesson in a 1:1 type environment from a passionate, gracious local. I imagine that if you are highly experienced with photography, he will adjust the experience accordingly and it won't even be a lesson. Anyone who likes photography and wants to snag a few shots of Rome that you only see on postcards or (Hidden by Airbnb) images should sign up for this!"

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