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131. Street musician performing at Pantheon, a joy for eyes and ears.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, no matter the season, Rome is always an outdoor theatre and a walk through museum, an incredible stage where art is dispensed to residents and visitors at every corner.

I already wrote about #Pantheon and #PiazzadellaRotonda in some of my previous blogs (17, 29, 57, 121 and 130), providing history and architecture information on this amazing location hosting my favorite building in #Rome and certainly the best preserved one.

Now if the wealth of art, beauty and architectural details were not enough to give anybody good reasons to stop there and take some outstanding photos, the life and the everyday scenes that the square displays everyday certainly are.

In fact both during the warm days of the summer, that see people coming from the four corners of the world crowding the square, and in the quieter hours of colder seasons, the ancient facade of the ancient Roman temple, plays as a wonderful backdrop for artists performing their music, being it classical, opera, jazz or great pop rock ... as a matter of fact I heard a terrific guitarist playing Pink Floyd music to perfection here.

Even them, and the crowd that often gathers around them to listen to their music, are a great opportunity to exercise your photography skills, shooting portraits, street scenes, and interesting composition including the new and the old, that in Rome, more than in any other city in the world, always walk hand in hand.

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