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132. Trastevere... the genuine eyes of Rome

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

#Trastevere, literally the neighborhood across the #Tiber, the river that cuts Rome in two, with so many curves and loops to make it look like a calm water snake slithering through the city, admiring its amazing beauty from the shores.

Trastevere once was the working-class area of Rome, where people spoke the true dialect, the #Romanesco, a different kind of Italian dialect, more straight to the core, with an earthy tone, often used to shoot witty jokes cutting like blades.

Though, somehow, unfortunately, since more than thirty years or so, the neighborhood has lost lots its pure, traditional charm, to acquire a different kind of character, the one provided by the hustle and bustle of a ever-busy maze where artists, foreign students, and tourists crowd the narrow alleys ad small squares, enjoying the vibrant nightlife that lounges, bars, and restaurants offer until late at night, especially in spring and summer.

As a born and bred Roman, I miss the old life of Trastevere, the one that is so well depicted and described in many Roman folk songs, called #stornelli, that kind of typical feel that Rome had and that is simply and yet eloquently portrayed in one of #AntonelloVenditti's best songs: #RomaCapoccia

One of the verses of the song reads:

How big you are Rome when it is sunset

When the orange reddens

Still on the seven hills

And the windows are so many eyes

That seems to say how beautiful you are.

Well, this photo, taken in #piazzasantamariaintrastevere, is somehow a tribute to the song, to Venditti and to good old Trastevere.

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