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138. The reason why "Rome Photo Fun Tours" is FUN!!!!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

by Giulio D'Ercole

The Six Nations Rugby Cup

Yesterday, February 22nd, at the Olympic Stadium, inside the big sports complex of Foro Italico in Rome, Italy met Scotland for the Six Nations Rugby Cup... I said Italy met Scotland, but maybe that was only before the game since it seems the White and Blue team hid the oval ball to the hosts and never actually made them play. The result of the game speaks for itself: Italy 0 - Scotland 17... wow, what a defeat!!!! I wonder how Italian fans and players felt. I know how the Scotts felt: Far from the Brexit clouds and stormy weather, they were enjoying the Roman sunny day from the very beginning looking forward to an easy win. Oh well, I guess they are still in the mindset to oppose Julius Cesar's people and keep them away from their glorious traditions, Rugby being one of them.

Enjoying a street photography fun day nonetheless

In reality, I do not care that much for Rugby, and strange enough not even for football, but the World Cup of course, and for me yesterday was not a day of defeat but of wonderful afternoon of fun: I ran a terrific street photography workshop, taking advantage of people's good mood, kilts, costumes, it's Carnival time, music and a perfect set for amazing, joyful shots.

My two guests loved the playful atmosphere and the way I guided them through the cheering crowd and were also quite amazed by the Rugby fans' availability to have pictures being taken of them. As a matter of fact, the majority of people even posed, raising their beer glasses, showing their colors, flags, beautiful bagpipes, and funny hats.

Lo Stadio dei Marmi at Foro Italico

John and Nicholas were even happier when I took them, before the game started, to take some shots of the amazing, strong, artsy big statues surrounding the Stadio dei Marmi, the stadium built together with the whole sports complex of Foro Italico, during the Fascism. Each statue, made in white marble, represents an athlete engaged in a specific sport, from boxing to football, from Tennis to running, and so on and on. We took truly fascinating shots of these not moving, inspiring models, made even more striking by the blue sky above and behind them.... but this is good writing material for my next blog.

Having lots of fun during my hands-on Photography workshops in Rome

So, a day in the Eternal City with Rome Photo Fun Tours is always a day of gain, of incredible discoveries, of terrific opportunities to take memorable shots, and, most of all, a truly fine and fun day to improve your photography technique, learning new tricks as well as understanding how to sharpen your way to look at what's around you and how to capture it.

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