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145. The Healing Power of Photography

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

What Photography can do for You

Two years ago, I was the first speaker at Giovanna Giuffredi's conference on life coaching "Annual Coach Ability"which main topic was the meaning of "being present". My speech as a photographer focused, in fact, on the practice of photography, which, in my view, is somehow close to or part of what today is called Mindfulness (see here Joseph Goldstein amongst the many writers and teachers): when we photograph, we enter in a state of augmented awareness, where the full immersion in the present moment is what counts, and yet at the same time the filter given by the lens helps us keeping the "right distance". Somehow, we can think of this practical experience as a special kind of meditation: we don't grab the subject or cling to it but we enter in communication with it as part of a unifying shared moment in time, where and when only the present matters.

In these lines, and remembering, always remembering Henri Cartier-Besson's most famous definition, "Photographing is to align eyes, mind and heart", we can push those lines and see how the art and practice of Photography can be an amazing tool and medium for healing. In this regard, I strongly recommend the reading of this article on Feature Shoot, that talks exactly about that.

Night Photography, Street Photography, Nature and Landscape Photography can be healing practices

This state of mind and soul is certainly healing and soothing because it brings us to enhance our ability to see, to feel, to observe.... and not just with our eyes but with all our senses, especially with our "sixth sense", or, if you like, with a special "third eye"

There are some special Photography genres that, in different ways, can actually be used or can help to developing this ability. Night Photography, Street Photography, Nature and Landscape Photography, just to mention some of them, are the ones where we are in close contact with ourselves and the environment around us. They are the ones where, in order to achieve the best result, we must apply a very focused concentration, that kind of concentration that allows us to be part of the scene and, at the same time, to observe it from the outside.

The Philosophy behind Rome Photo Fun Tours

When you book a workshop with Rome Photo Fun Tours, not only will you experience a terrific Photography tour in the Eternal City, through which you will be guided along an amazing itinerary to take memorable photos of iconic marvelous locations, monuments and art, but you will also be part of a more holistic teaching. My goal in fact, is not just to have you taking the best shot possibles during my tours, but it is also to pass to you my twenty years experience as professional photographer.... and that entails giving you a full picture of what photography really means, how it can be used as story-telling art, how it can be connected to your own personal life and growth.

So, let's learn how to write our stories with a better light!

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