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147. Rome Photo Fun Tours' Strategy to Keep You Safe from Corona Virus

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Dear Readers, old and new potential Rome Photo Fun Tours' customers,

as you obviously know it is a dire time of worries for our Health, Economy and even Life routines.

We have been suddenly forced to change our everyday habits, and we all must pay extra attention to stricter hygienic rules and how we relate to other people (hand shaking, hugs etc.).

Travelers' concerns need ethical and science based correct answers.

As you can imagine, I have received numerous questions from people willing to travel to Rome and book a tour with Rome Photo Fun Tours, but the presence of Corona Virus in Italy, plus the travel health alerts issued in their own nations, made them very hesitant to come to the Eternal City. Most people in fact, many influenced by some sensationalist media that contributed to enhance a sort of hysteria around this Covid-19, are now quite scared to come visiting Italy. The problem is that not many of them appreciate the fact that the outbreaks of the infection are still confined to a few areas in northern Italy, while the regions from Tuscany down to beautiful Sicily are still very reasonably outside the actual danger zone. This, of course, means that the Italian institutions have adopted excellent measures wherever necessary and according to the level of alert, to stop and avoid any possibility of contagion opportunities.

Here is an updated interesting article on today situation in my gorgeous nation.

Rome Photo Fun Tours' Strategy to keep you safe while enjoying memorable photography workshop experiences

In the last few weeks, I have found myself, like never before, absolutely compelled to provide through my blogs and via personal emails to those writing to me, the right, truthful and honest information on the progress of the situation.

All my efforts are aiming to one very specific goal: make sure that my customers and people in general can rely on my professionalism and care for their safety, in such a way that they will be able to take aware and well-informed decisions both on their travel options and on the safety measures to adopt when traveling to Rome and when touring around Italy.

So, what will be Rome Photo Fun Tours’ strategy to make sure you will be safe during our workshops and tours?

I am glad to share with you the protocol I am thoroughly following:

1. From now on, I will only provide private tours hosting maximum two people, possibly traveling together (e.g. a couple, two friends, Mother and daughter etc..)

2. My tours will be given, even more than before, in those hours when there are not very many people around, e.g. Sunrise, Night, Deep Night/Morning.

3. We will avoid crowded indoor locations.

4. During the tour I will provide free hand sanitizers (Amuchina) and hand cleaning wipes. I also recommend to have some on your own not just for my tours but for you to use it during the day.

5. I will always keep myself informed in order to respond timely and precisely to your questions on the current status of Corona Virus in Italy.

Our Sales Offers: Be Safe and Save!

Please also note that in order to reward and thank those travelers that will decide to enjoy my photo tours and workshops in the Eternal City, I have put in place two different kind of sales offers:

a) If you book any of our tours from today up to the end of April to be taken up to the end of June you will get 20% discount.

b) Starting from today up to the end of June, if you will book any of our tours scheduled from January 1st 2021 up to June 30th 2021 you will receive a 30% discount. Though for this second option, it has to be noted that it will not be possible to have a refund, even partial, if the tour will be canceled, at any time after the booking, by the customer.

Both discounts can be obtained asking for the Discount Rome Photo Fun Tours for 2020 and or 2021 coupon at the booking time.

Rome Photo Fun Tours cares about your wellbeing and your desire to photograph the Eternal City.

Help keeping Rome Photo Fun Tours in the market. Support our quality services based on outstanding customer care!!!

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