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170. The Art of Seeing

By Giulio D'Ercole

A true photographer should always have with herself or himself a camera and if not a camera at least a cell phone, because there are always so many beautiful images to capture, even when one go out for a simple stroll. I was in Villa Borghese the other day with my wife and my daughter for a walk in the beauty of the park, and we ventured to Parco dei Daini, where I knew there was a sort Art installation called "Back to Nature". And there they were, a boy and his girlfriend, listening to jazz music from their stereo, perfectly framed in a beautiful run down wall. I did not have my Nikon D850 with me, but I had my android.... and I took this photo. Our ability to see is way more important than the gear we have.

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A young couple relaxes in Parco dei Daini in Rome, perfectly framed by an old door.
Coupled framed in Parco dei Daini

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