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28. Be the model of your Roman holidays

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole.

Some months ago I had a great day K. with a Chinese woman who wanted to be photographed in Rome as she was enjoying the city during her Roman holidays.

We spent good five hours together walking across town, from Piazza Navona to Pantheon, from the Trevi Fountain to Via Condotti, from Piazza di Spagna to Villa Borghese, and once in the park we enjoyed the beauty and the tranquillity it offers. All along our walk I taught her how to shoot compelling photos managing and adjusting the settings of her camera, but most of all we had fun having her being the model of her own vacation in the eternal city. I took both candid shots of K. as well as posed ones, regular close ups as more "adventurous" moments... like the one here posted, where I asked to express her happiness of being in Rome by jumping joyfully from a park bench. The confidence and the bond we were able to establish during the day provided her with that kind of trust and easiness that allowed me to shoot photos portraying her true character, her spirit and the sense of wonder she felt being in Rome.

It was indeed a gorgeous day for both of us.

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