36. War and Peace, a paradox at the Colosseum

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By www.romephotofuntours.com - Giulio D'Ercole

Anything wonderful can happen during one of my workshops, especially during the street photography one. The ability, the challenge will be being fast enough to capture the moment. How often can happen that a couple of Tibetan monks, one of them engaged with his cell phone like an American business man, pass by the Colosseum? And how funny is it to note the paradox of the whole situation? In fact here we have a monument, the most visited in the world, that was a place of death, cruel and terrible death, for the fun of Romans juxtaposed with representatives of one of the most peaceful religions in the world. Or maybe it is not a paradox, simply history repeating in mysterious ways: as much as the Colosseum was the place where Christians found death because of their faith, Tibetan monks have been persecuted and killed for decades because of theirs.

One single shot can tell so many stories!

War and Peace, a paradox at the Colosseum


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