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40. A night at the outdoor Museum: the Trajan Markets

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

There are no many places around the world where a group of friends can relax and chill out at night experiencing the beauty and mystery emanating from two thousand years of history. Rome is one of those places... if not The Place for it!

In the photo here below some youth are enjoying their summer night at the Trajan's Forum, the last of the Imperial fora to be constructed in ancient Rome.

Built on the opposite side of the Roman Forums, this forum was constructed on the order of the emperor Trajan with the spoils of war from the conquest of Dacia, which ended in 106. The Fasti Ostienses state that the Forum was inaugurated in 112, while Trajan's Column was erected and then inaugurated in 113.

To build this monumental complex, extensive excavations were required: workers eliminated the sides of the Quirinal and Capitoline(Campidoglio) Hills, which closed the valley occupied by the Imperial forums toward the Campus Martius.

During our photo-tour and workshop Rome by Night, Magic under the Stars, stopping at the Trajan Markets is a must: the all site offers many gorgeous angles and perspectives to be captured, making us fully acknowledge how history, with its changing architectural styles, has layered up, creating and adding new fabulous buildings. It is indeed "Magic under the Stars".

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