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54. The Early Morning Tour, Rome wakes up

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

My favorite tours are the ones in the early morning. Waking up early and going out when everybody else is still asleep makes you discover the eternal city in a completely different way, not only because the quality of light is absolutely wonderful, as it reflects the warmth of the sun on the yellowish and ocherish facades of the Roman buildings and palaces, but also because you can walk through the streets and alleys without distractions, without noises, completely immersing yourself in the beauty of Rome and in the almost sensual pleasure of photographing it.

The typical narrow streets are now lit by the radiant orange sun beams, and the usually tourists intimidating labyrinth of downtown Rome, acquires a special charm, a sort of magical look. Looking around, in search of characteristic old corners, stylish doors and windows, we can sense the slow movement of a town that is finally waking up. The windows shades open up, and Romans salute the morning, before getting ready for the new day ahead. It's a simple shot to take, a quick one though.... but it will stay in your Roman memory album forever.

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