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60. An Early Start at the the Vatican State

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

Getting up early to go for a street photography tour can reserve some pleasant surprises.... such as discovering that even priests wake up early in the morning to go to their place of work, or to their seminaries.

Jokes aside, being in Saint Peter's square in the early morning, possibly even a bit before sunrise, will give us the opportunity to take some good shots of the wonderful square designed by Bernini, with only a few people walking by, just in time to see the gates being opened by the Swiss Guards, and, if we are lucky, when the magnificent facade of the most famous church in the world, reflects the whole splendor of the golden hour.

The sun in fact rises just opposite Saint Peter's square, illuminating the facade of the Basilica. Its rays, slowly by slowly, enter via della Conciliazione, proceeding like a shining wave of light that glides over its cobblestones, until, a couple of hours later, the whole square will be flooded with light.

Just as a curiosity the Italian word for cobblestones is "san pietrini".

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