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69. The Magical Roman Sunsets

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

Our beautiful tours by Rome can either end or start with one the most picturesque images you can take in Rome: its gorgeous yellowish or red sunsets.

The view of the roofs of Rome, from its famous terraces, being them the one of Pincio, Trinita' dei Monti, Gianicolo, or Campidoglio is always able to take your breath away. The skyline, made not of skyscrapers or of buildings with no personality, here is punctuated by gorgeous domes, rich in history, art and charm.

The photo here below was taken in October 2018, at the end of a great four hours tour with a sweet American couple. Having walked through the Roman Forums, the Caracalla Baths and via dei Fori Imperiali, I chose to end our day with a relaxing setting, the one of the terrace on the side of the Capitol Hill.

Being towards the end of October, we could witness that fall has officially arrived and summer is gone: the sign for it was the flocks of birds making ever changing shapes in the Roman sky, guided by a mysterious internal sense of beauty and playfulness.

Taking photos of them against the warmth of the Roman sky, the trees of the hills in the distance and the captivating domes over the tiled roofs, was the perfect way to end our photography day.

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