74. Time Blasts behind the Columns of the Sacred Street

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By www.romephotofuntours.com - Giulio D'Ercole

I'm not sure if I should catalog this photo in the street-photography genre or in the Rome by day, beauty and history one. In fact, on one hand it may belong to the first kind, as it is the capture of a fact that happens in a moment, but on the other hand it remains a picture of a peculiar subject of the ancient beauty of Rome: the columns of the sacred street.

Genres aside, what remains true is that during the RomePhotoFunTours you can freely and fully research, express and exercise your creativity , as you are guided by a professional photographer that knows how to see all the potentials of the situations happening around you during the photo-walk.

For a photographer in fact, seeing is not only believing but is also going beyond what is visible to bring to light the invisible, the possible meanings, metaphors and symbolisms that a certain situation hides in itself. In the photo here below what I tried to portray was the ancient, the modern and the eternal meeting in the sky behind the Columns of the Sacred Street that goes from Titu's Arch to the Colosseum.

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