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75. Strength at Twilight

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

The other day, coming back with a couple of US clients from an exciting tour at the Roman Forums, we reached Piazza Venezia, right few minutes before sunset. Overlooking the whole square there is the monumental building celebrating the unification of Italy by King Vittorio Emanuele II: Il Vittoriano, also called "L'Altare della Patria" ( the Altar of Motherland). On the left side, the beautiful sculptural group formed by a young Roman centurion who dominates a medieval crossbowman and a worker holding a pickaxe with a reflexive pose was lit by the last rays of the vanishing sun and by the white light of the moon rising in the firmament.

In this surreal light, despite the loud noise of the usual traffic in the wide oval shaped square, the statues seemed to preserve and emanate a feeling of untouchable calmness and wisdom.

The Strength represented by the sculpture had nothing to do with the idea of war, but rather with a concept of timeless peace, reinforced, like in a lay trinity, by their triangular geometry, where each man with his inner quality, serves as a support to the other two.

Needless to say we stopped there to take several photos of this special view, captured as we were by the magical atmosphere of the moment.

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