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82. Watching life passing by

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Street photography is an incredible medium, a wonderful tool for so very many reasons. It helps us capturing life as it happens. It allows us to find great faces in the crowd, It contributes to make us discovering the oddities and the paradoxes of our modern life. But most of all, and at the source of all, it really centers us in our photographers' role: being present, being attentive, watching, looking, observing..... and finally clicking in order to crystalize in one shot the show of life, being it small or big, private or public, sad or happy. With our shot, in our shot, thanks to our ability to perceive reality even beyond its first and most evident layer, we are witnesses of our times and of our world.

As I said, things that we observe and take photos of can be very different, very small sometimes.

Every morning I take my daughter to school. It's a nice little walk in the neighborhood. We take a street with shops on one side and on the other there are some workers buildings. Last spring I noticed that every morning a very old woman, right at the same time when we were passing, would stay there, the window opened, her leaning on the window seat, watching people and cars going by. Every day. In her nightgown.

It is fall now and the air is colder than in the spring. This morning as I walked with my daughter on the same street, I looked towards the other side of it, looking for the old woman.... and there she was, not leaning out, but just behind the window glass, with the same curious eyes as ever, but a bit bored. Maybe the weather, maybe the time passing bye even for her that she looks at her street life passing by every day.

The photo here below is not of her, but it does not really matter.... what matters is to be able to see what happens around us.

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