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95. Ancient Locks and the Feeling of Time

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

There are places in Rome where one can truly feel all the centuries that have gone through the eternal city. This happens not necessarily visiting the big, famous monuments and ancient ruins, but also by observing small objects that belonged, or still belong to the everyday life.

I am talking about some old wooden doors, handles carved in bronze, the texture of some hidden downtown walls .... or the hard metal hand made locks that secured the large wooden doors of the warehouses in the streets of Trastevere or of the Jewish Ghetto.

These objects are the witnesses of a time that was, in which one could well feel the presence of the human hand, of the artisan's will, and of the strength of the matter he worked.

Photography can beautifully resurrect that strength and the mysterious charm of those signs of time, and with a single shot let the life of Rome resurface as it once was.

With Romephotofuntours we will walk the less beaten paths, the alleys and the side streets accompanied by two key features for a photographer: patience and curiosity. In our workshop I will provide, when needed, all the information to improve the necessary technical skills to capture the inner spirit of things.... and photographing will become an absolute joy.

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