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110. Campo dei Fiori: Postcards from the Roman Past

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

What you see in this photo is one of the very few true Roman old sellers remained at Campo dei Fiori market.

I remember this amazing market 40-30 years ago. Back then the people at the stands selling vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, flower etc. were all from the neighborhood. Watching them selling, while teasing one another with the typical sarcastic, mean (but not evil) and rough Roman sense of humor, was  like watching a real life comedy.... or drama if you like.

Only having seen that, only knowing what Rome was truly like six, five or four decades ago can make one really understand the neo-realism movies. Those "opere d'Arte", those masterpieces of world cinema history, directed by Rossellini, Visconti, de Sica, Germi, Pasolini, took all their strength and beauty by people like the old smiling woman in this photo. What a privilege having grown up in Italy during the '60s!!! 

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