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113. Street photography in Rome becomes more interesting with creative clients

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

My street photography tour and workshop in Rome is probably the most challenging of all tours I offer. As I always like to say at the beginning of this specific tour "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and what I find interesting might mean nothing to my clients, and viceversa. Besides not everybody is used to have eyes in the back of their head, even less on its sides, so it might be sometimes difficult to spot interesting situations to shoot intriguing photos, in the blink of an eye. ..... but when the photographer that has chosen Rome Photo Fun Tours for his/her street photography experience, is as creative, curious and ready to capture life as it happens as Alex was, results are guaranteed... for him and for me as well, and the tour I give becomes a true learning experience both for the conductor and for the client who's "conducted".

Such a great experience that Rome Photo Fun Tours gains yet another wonderful review from one of its clients! Thanks Alex :-)

Rome + Street photography = fun photo tour!

TripAdvisor review: Rome by Day, Street Photography Tour and Workshop

I booked the tour a few days before my visit to Rome. Giu

lio took his time to understand my needs and interests and recommended a version of the tour better suited for me.

The tour itself gave me an excuse to bring along my better (and much heavier) camera

which begged to be put to use.

We started early on Saturday morning before the heat and tourist waves hit the streets. Giulio is an expert in a labyrinth of Rome streets and took me to places I would hardly go by myself, giving thoughtful advise and hints along the way. He has a 360-degrees view and notices people and things worth photographing. He was happy to move distractions and pretend to be a subject of the photoshoot to give an excuse to shoot someone else, he was helping to find the best spot for a rustic bike we found along the way, he also discussed a lot of details very useful in street photography.

Although we were walking 4 hours straight without rest we had a lot of energy left, so we extended the tour for another hour which gave me a chance to explore more of Rome. We even managed to get in a small private courtyard that even Giulio wasn't able to get into before!

Overall this was a great experience. I am used to photographing city streets, but doing this in a company of an expert in street photography is just another experience - not only Giulio knew the city and shared his knowledge but he provided inspiration!

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