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114. Ferragosto (Mid-August) in Rome: Dedicated to those who remain.

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

15th of August in Rome. I was in town because I had nightly photo tours scheduled for all week. Customers from all over the world who had booked me on my #Romephotofuntours website, on #Airbnb, and on #TripAdvisor. Tourists traveling to Rome who wanted to take advantage of the coolest and most beautiful hours to photograph it, guided by my experience and my knowledge of the #eternalcity. Their photos would have captured the magical soul of this wonderful capital, the most captivating, most scenic, most iconic. But it is during the first hours of the day that #Rome reveals its true character, that of its neighborhoods, its people, its life which, as in all tourist metropolises, is not always and only carefree, trendy and fun bar , but it is also something else, much more, more or less hidden, more or less distant from the summer business circuits. This photo album, made of shots collected in a couple of suburban neighborhoods, shows this other Rome, a semi-deserted Rome, inhabited, in the week of the year where everyone goes on vacation, from very precise demography: the #elderly, #nuns, #nonEUworkers. And in the hottest hours, they are all sheltered, behind the juxtaposed windows, the only eyes half-closed on the facades of deserted buildings. This, I like to think this is the Rome that, perhaps, today #PierPaoloPasoliniwould have continued to tell, still looking for stories far from #viaVeneto and the #DolceVita.

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