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120. Floating between light and space

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

My Rome by Night Photography Tours are usually organized in very well thought itineraries that will allow the participants to take amazing shots of iconic monuments, squares, beautiful fountains and charming backstreets of the eternal city.

Along those tours I do not only indicate or suggest the best spots to take photos from, but I also provide information and explanations on night photography technique.

Though for those willing to go beyond the basic and medium level workshop, and for those that really want to experiment and find new ways and styles to shoot night photography in a big town like Rome, Rome Photo Fun Tours provides also specific additional opportunities and options to capture a less obvious look of the city, playing around with lights, colors, movement, so to make people and cars floating in a science fiction, futuristic world, like in the photo here below.

Track focus, panning, slow exposure, fast zooming in and out.... we will explore all those techniques to make your visit memorable in a super private, well focused tailor made tour for your eyes only.

Check the "Your Tailored Made Photo Tour" in the tour section of this website and you'll find all info you might want to have to book exactly what you want.

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