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126. Experiencing iconic Rome beauties only with Rome Photo Fun Tours

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

#Rome is one of those few cities, like Florence, Paris, New York, Bangkok, just to name a few, that are visited by millions tourists every year, all year round. Therefor it is always extremely difficult and rare to take amazing good shots of their beauties with no people blocking the view of a monument, of a #gorgeousfountain, of a painting in a museum, of a #baroquefresco in a #Renaissancechurch, or of #charmingbackstreets and #ancientbridges.

Yes, difficult and rare... but not impossible. The only thing you have to do, in fact, is to book one of the many tour options offered by #RomePhotoFunTours. We are the only photo tour company in Rome that stimulates your photography souls by suggesting to put yourself on the line and to embrace either a very early morning start or a very late night beginning to wander around the Eternal city. So, while all others are still sleeping, well tucked in their beds or they are about to get there, you'll be the one actually living a real dream experience, as I will guide you to discover, capture and photograph the true, touching, compelling, fascinating most amazing images of the Italian ancient capital.

The shot down below, with an absolutely empty #BridgeofAngels, leading towards the magnificent #CastelSantAngelo will be our meeting point and first photography spots to start our adventure in a Rome you never even imagined could be lived an, felt, understood the way you'll do with me.

... and by the way, even our meeting point is not chosen casually. It is one of the best examples of the long Roman history, spanning over twenty-seven centuries in a outstanding continuum of art, architecture and beauty: Castel Sant'Angelo, which once was the ancient Popes' fortress, today is a wonderful monument displaying centuries of history, art and, most of all, war related artifacts. Inside the castle in fact, there is a permanent very interesting exhibition of medieval, renaissance and Risorgimento swords, armors, guns and small cannons that had been used for over one thousand years to defend the Pontifical State.

However, the link with papal history should not be misleading: Castel Sant'Angelo was first called #MausoleumofHadrian, the actual grave that was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for himself and his family in 130 a.c.. The mausoleum was eventually completed in 139 a.c. by #AntoninoPio, exactly one year after the emperor's death.

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