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129. The unique charm of a nostalgic icon of beauty

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Rome has so much to offer to photographers, being them beginners, amateurs or professionals. All of them, in fact, can find beauty, art, history at every other corner, entering in #Baroquechurches, visiting the #ancientromanforums, walking through old neighborhoods and characteristic back streets, or getting charmed by the #eternalcity's iconic sites such as #StPeter's square, #Pantheon, #Piazzanavona, #Coliseum, #TreviFountain or the #Spanishsteps.

And because there is so much to discover and to capture, #Romephotofuntours offers a large variety of itineraries in order to explore and to provide walks and workshops addressing different photography genres: classic #urbanphotography, #religiousandartphotography, #nightphotography, #goldenhourphotoshoots, #portraits, #streetphotography and, of course also tailored tours made on personal customers' requests. Booking one of those, you'll only have to tell us what is your niche, what truly attracts your eye, what you would like to discover, and I'll build a tour just for you, being it a street art and graffitis tour, interior design or interesting window-shops... like the one here below.

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