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146. Truthful, honest information on Italy and Corona Virus

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Rome Photo Fun Tours shares information on Italy and Corona Virus

Dear readers, old and potential new Rome Photo Fun Tours’ clients, unfortunately we live in sad and unprecedented times of emergency. I strongly believe that it is exactly in these times that our character to face unexpected situations must emerge, exercising its very best ability to overcome the challenges ahead in order to find new solutions and new paths.

As founder, managing director and leading photographer of Rome Photo Fun Tours, a Company that in only one and half year of activity has positioned itself at the top Google levels as Photography Tour provider in the Eternal City (we are on the first search page), and has collected almost two hundred 5 star reviews from clients worldwide,I feel having a great deal of responsibility to share with you complete and transparent information on what it is happening in Italy in regards to the Corona Virus “epidemic”.

So please bear with me, and kindly apply some patience to read throughout this relevant, unbiased and informative blog.

1. The situation in Italy is serious, but at this moment the virus has not hit the whole Peninsula in the same way.

2. Most Covid-19 cases are in Northern Italy, and even there they are not equally distributed.

3. Many other Italian Regions are still reasonably safe, with a very limited number of people affected. These Regions are the ones going from Tuscany (included) down South.

4. Italy has become the center of attention worldwide also because our Government and Health Ministry have responsibly started a major campaign of tests on the population to assess the number of people negative or positive to the virus.

5. To contain the spreading of the virus, draconian measures have been put in place.

6. Not all countries have moved as swiftly and thoroughly as Italy has done.

The Italian Tourism Industry: From riches to rugs:

7. Italy is one of the absolute favorite, most visited locations in the all world, thanks to our art, natural beauties, great food and wine, and cultural sites: as per UNESCO data we possess the 70% of the entire world Art and Archeological heritage.

8. The Tourism sector represents a very relevant voice in the Italian GDP, contributing to it with a sound 13%, giving employment to 4,2 million professionals, who, in 2019 cared for 94 million foreign visitors that spent on our soil 42 billion euros!

9. In less than a month, February 2020, the Corona virus annihilated these numbers, destroying the economic system and the human resources that professionally used to offer tourists memorable holidays.

10. I am talking about public services (museums and infrastructures), as well as big and small private companies, as well as individuals like me and other tours providers, top leaders in the new vibrant tourist “Experiences” sector.

11. “Whilst this situation is changing daily [we must] reduce the gap between mainstream media hysteria, a lack of consumer confidence and a speedy recovery. There is no doubt we all need to be making decisions and directing customers to the most credible information available which can simply be narrowed down the World Health Organization”, says Dennis Bunnik, Chairman of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO), of which I am an Associate Member. I could not agree more.

12. I wrote the same and more on my previous blogs: we must take aware, well informed decisions, follow the hygienic guidelines that have been given and do not fall easy prey of unreasonable panic. The world is not doomed (if it is, eventually, it is not because of the Corona Virus but because of Climate Change, to which nobody paradoxically gives the due attention).

13. Therefore I invite everybody wishing to travel to Rome to seek proper information clicking the following link Regione Lazio website, or calling 800.11.88.00. Information on the National situation can be asked by dialing 1500 (health ministry).

14. Rome Photo Fun Tours cares about you. Help keeping Rome Photo Fun Tours in the market. Support our quality services!!!

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