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44. The Mystery and Beauty of an Ancient Crypt

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

Rome and its churches are like a jewels box that, once opened, seems to have no bottom, and the more you take out the more you find. Taking our Churches, Angels and Art tour you will experience this truth, first hand. The most amazing thing of all this, is the fact that many places are still unknown to most visitors and sometimes even to Romans.

A perfect example of what is mentioned above, is the Crypt in the church of the Twelve Apostles, a beautiful church basically half way in between the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Venezia.

The church itself, not much visited when compared to the amount of people normally visiting Saint Peter church or Santa Maria Maggiore, is incredibly rich in art and architectural wonders. It is enough to say that, being dedicated to the Twelve Apostles, the church has twelve chapels, one for each Apostle, and each one of them has a great wealth of paintings, frescos and other historic references.

Besides all of the above, what makes this church really amazing is the crypt underneath the central altar, where Saint Philip and Saint James were buried, and where, during some archaeological excavations, the relics of few martyrs were found.

Visiting this crypt, in silence and paying it the due respect, one finds himself or herself in the heart of Christianity, entering in a meditation mood, making a trip back to what Rome truly was centuries ago.

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