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47. Early morning at the Vatican City

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By by Giulio D'Ercole

Early morning in Rome, the whole city is waking up to go to work.... and that's the same for those living in the Vatican City. While Saint Peter's square is still pretty empty, it's too early for the thousands of tourists and believers to flock into the square and beginning to line up to enter the most important Basilica of the Christian world, its true citizens hurry up to start their day.

If it is quite common to see priests and nuns in Rome walking downtown, as much as in all different neighborhoods of town, it is instead more rare to come across a group of them, "away from the crazy crowd", orderly going their way to fulfill their daily duties.... and that's why starting a photography tour and workshop early in the morning is such a wonderful opportunity to capture unique images of Rome and its street life.

PS. Spot the intruder :-)

A group of young priests start their day walking in front of Saint Peter's Church as they go to begin their "working day".
Early morning at the Vatican City

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