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57. The Beauty of Art - Making Visible the Invisible

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

The beauty of Art is that it inspires other Art. It is like good candies or cherries, one pulls the other... or, in a less prosaic way, Art compels you to a point that you are inspired to create other Art, moved as you are by the beauty you see displayed before your eyes.

So, when you are in Rome, don't be surprised if you will find yourself sitting at a tiny street table of a coffee bar writing poems or short stories (as I used to do in my early years), or playing music in some square or narrow alley (you need a permit for that though), or sketching and painting those amazing fountains, ancient ruins, incredible monuments that the eternal city shows you at every other corner.

When in Rome you see Art, you sense Art, you breathe Art, and as it gets into your system, in your brain, in your heart, and in your veins, you might well feel the urge to go out in the mystic light of the moon, in the crowded hours of the afternoon, or in the silent squares of the very early morning, to find the artist that is in you, and give him/her a voice, your deepest voice.

That is exactly what is portrayed in the photo here below: a man with his easel, silently intent on painting all the solitary beauty of Piazza della Rotonda, the square where the Pantheon rises in all its extraordinary richness of two thousand years of history.


That is what might happen to you too as a photographer: joyfully and playfully wandering throughout Rome to portray the beauty you see through your inner sense of beauty, with your own style and artistic vision.

It will be my pleasure to accompany and guide you on this amazing journey.

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