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71. Cuban Joy in Villa Borghese

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

By - Giulio D'Ercole

Via delle Magnolie, in English Magnolias Avenue, is a beautiful pedestrian road going from the Piazza di Siena to the Pincio's terrace, and it is part of one of the most beautiful parks of Rome, Villa Borghese.

A very peaceful road during the week, via delle Magnolie comes to full life on weekends when many artists, musicians and jogglers find the perfect stage under the shade of the leafy branches of its tall trees. They come from all over the world to share their art, their talent and of course their bliss for life.

In the picture here below, there is one of the best street musicians I ever heard. Not only he's a great trumpet player, but the joy and the enthusiasm, he's able to share with the people passing by, is hardly beatable. Playing on pre-recorded bases of famous and less famous Cuban and South American songs, this entertaining artist is able to attract your complete attention, offering unforgettable moments to your walk in the green heart of Rome.

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