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85. Borgo, Roman Tradition and Picturesque Corners

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Placed in between Prati and the west bank of the Tiber, Borgo, is the 14th historic district (rione) of Rome, .

Borgo is also bordered by Vatican City (Saint Peter's Square) and Trastevere to the south.

The main roads run east-west and are named Borghi rather than Vie.

The look of the neighborhood changed dramatically during the Fascist regime, when Benito Mussolini, had many streets being knocked down to build Via della Conciliazione, a large avenue connecting Castel ant'Angelo with St. Peter's Square. In spite of this major, and not always appreciated change, Borgo maintains its historical importance as a forecourt to Saint Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Palace. It also keeps its traditional look and several beautiful and picturesque corners, where people can feel to be, somehow, out of time. Old dairies, typical restaurants, excellent ice cream parlors alternate with catholic bookshops and Christian dress shops, where it is not rare to see prelates buying their talari clothes.

Borgo is a very small district nowadays, but it certainly deserves a short visit.... at least to have the chance to shoot both intriguing street-photos and some postcard style pictures.

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