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93. In the Midnight hour, time merges at a slow speed

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole -

Rome by night, Magic under the Stars..... never the name for a photo tour could be more appropriate! Rome, already stunning during the day, at night unveils all its charm, and at night it shows how to capture her beauty.

When the thousands tourists and the millions Romans will not be overcrowd squares and roads, then, we will b walking to those scenic places from which we can exercise our photography skills, playing with speed, depth of field and framing.

The photo here below, taken from a terrace near Campidoglio, is a classical example of low speed exposure. A slow speed in fact allows to shoot at night keeping low ISO and yet setting for very close iris for a long depth of field. Naturally the elements in the scene we have framed will be either invisible, the fast cars that leave behind only their lights streams, blurry, like the people walking slowly, or totally still, like the buildings and the Roman theatre at the end of the road.

Thought what can look like a mere exercise, can be used not only for postcards photos made out of a fascinating effect, but can be utilized to give powerful meanings to our Photography Art. In this photo the apparently invincible modern cars lights seem to be stopped and separated only by the still standing strength of Teatro Marcello, a Colosseum looking like ancient Roman building, and in this clashing of technologies twenty centuries merge ... in a 20 seconds shutter speed.

So, if you want to enjoy and practice your night photography, while having a great and safe walk through the eternal city, book the Romephotofuntours workshop Rome by Night, Magic under the Stars.

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