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6. It's always great to hear positive feedback

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Learning from Clients:

It was only few weeks ago that I gave a photo tour to Adam, a medical doctor from Maryland. It was a great pleasure walking with him and exchange ideas, opinions and our knowledge about Rome. I must say he actually told me things about the ancient Romans' medical science, I did not know. And that is why I love this job of mine: it gives me the wonderful opportunity to know interesting people, fascinating human beings, and, furthermore, these tours are a wonderful chance to share thoughts, stories and experiences with travelers from all over the world, having in so doing a very good time. So far, it seems they think the same about my tours.

A five stars review:

This is what Adam recently wrote to me: "Let me echo the many positive things said about Giulio. Getting an "insider photographer's" view on Rome was a wonderful way to see the city in a different way. Giulio makes the time fun, productive, and interesting. He is a thoughtful guide, has a great eye for unexpected shots, and is a wonderful conversationalist. Do not pass up the opportunity to spend time wandering Rome with him."

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